lumbar puncture.

Hi this is my first post. I had a lumbar puncture on thursday afternoon and i was sent home 5 minutes after it. I have got an horrendous headache today right in the front of my forehead that’s worse when i bend forward etc. I have rested since i had it and drank loads of water and caffeine. Is it normal to have an awful head 2-3 days after? The neurologist who did the LP didn’t really say much about the after effects. Anyone else had this and how long does the headache last?

Headaches occurr in about 30% of cases.

The hospital should help - treat your headache. If you get no joy ask you GP I guess.

I am scared it’s a relapse and it’s not related to the lumbar puncture.

Hi zipster,

I had the post Lumber Puncture headache. I drank plenty of mineral water, took pain killers and lay flat on my back most of the time. It was not a pleasant experience and lasted several days, but it did pass.

Hope yours passes soon.

Hi zipster, I had Lumber Puncture once & I passed out because I did not like the needle that he was holding so he did not do it & had to put me to sleep first & then did it. Sad heh! But i am k with needles now . Rahma


Did you get it straight after Ben because my heads worst today which is 3 days since i had it?

I felt fine on thursday after i had it but had a bit of a stiff neck the following morning.

I just hope i feel like this because of the LP and i am not relapsing.