Lumbar Puncture

Hi there I had a LP 2 weeks ago I was petrified but it was really not that bad at all!! Try to relax whilst they are doing it! I had to have 4 as the first dr couldn’t get clear fluid I had to lie flat after for 2 hours but had no other symptoms after I was up and about that same night just general discomfort from where they had prodded me too much! Good luck Rose

Did you lie on side can I choose to? With my balance sat up makes me sway from side to side so I think sat up might make things difficult,

I sat on the side of the bed but leaning over a table with pillows on. I found this much better than trying to curl up in the position they wanted me to be in.


Leaning forward is ok but didn’t want my balance to cause me to move while leaning and the back pain I sleep on my side with knees bent think that’s better for me. Thanks Sarah x

All done thanks for your kind replies it helped me remain calm a it sore and pressure feeling was worse nurses was lovely and the dr doing it was nice talking me through every step I’m a little sore that’s all xx

Happy to hear the LP gone ok for you, take it easy


Thanks I will do just a it hurts where needle didn’t go strange lol x

All i can say is take it easy after and try not To stoop down for a few days. Good luck

I will just a little sore and pain killers not helping watching World Cup then bed for me x

I had my lp which I didn’t find too bad because I’ve never actually minded needles,may have something to do with when I could give blood, being curls up into a tight ball whilst it was being was uncomfortable but overall it wasn’t too bad I just tried to stay relaxed and the doctor was very good with me being very reassuring and talking me through the whole procedure . After the lp i was told to lay flat for nearly 2 hours given something to eat and drink and told to keep hydrated and take paracetamol. I did get a bad headache later but went to bed and the next day I didn’t feel too bad just a bit tired hope this may be of some help.

No headache just my right side is very sore I’m sure it will pass minor headache is all I got but I get them every day it’s normal I’ll be fine had worse pain x

Well done Alysea - bet you’re glad its over. x

Oh yes I am they seemed to have collected liquid from me quicker then all the others the nurse was shocked how fast it took. Then they struggled to get blood they needed it to test liquid or something they managed it though. I thought it was worse then it actually was I just wanted it over with just didn’t sleep well at all I’ll be ok once healed and ordered more pain killers the dr who did my LP advised me to take paracetamol with my gabapentin so just up dose of it to 400mg 3 times a day but going to finish others first.