LP tomorrow morning

ive got my First LP tommorow morning at 8:30 the hospital is an hour away from me.

ive been googling about LPs and i was like yar i can do that no problem but this moring iv managed to freak myself out i tend to overthinkthings.

I had mine 2 weeks ago and I nearly chickened out but glad I didn’t , I never felt a think except a tiny scratch, drove home and laid on setee for a couple of hours and drank about a litre of coca cola , and I never got a headache at all. Like you I read about them and freaked myself out but I was fine. Good luck Amandax

Hi Buggs

I’ve not had a lumbar puncture, so I can’t tell you my experience, I just wanted to send you ((hugs)) and wish you luck for tomorrow.

From what I’ve seen of other people’s experience, it helps to lay flat for a good two hours afterwards and to drink caffein rich drinks, like Coke and coffee

PG xxx

Hello Buggs Try not to worry…it’s ok. I’ve had one done. I was asked to lay on my left side with knees drawn up towards my chest. Doctor puts local anaesthetic in so no pain. They kept me laid flat for two hours after, so make sure you go to the toilet. Some people get headaches…caffeine drinks are supposed to help. All the best, Noreen xxx

So I had it done Dam she hit a nerve wow that hurts to much then I got this weird pressure in my hip all fine no headache or pain untill I got in the car to go home then it hit me awwwwww my back is killing I’ve had a nap but now I’m in bed thinking when I get out it’s going to hurt so much so think I might just say here nice and cosy

Hi Buggs

I had my LP on 25th Nov and she hit nerve - ouch. The LP headache I had the next day was crazy though. Then for most of the two weeks after I had to stay horizontal. I couldn’t even make a cup of tea.

Stay lying down, lots of coffee and water, take some paracetamol with caffeine. Hope you feel better and recover quickly.



Hello Buggs Sorry to read your LP not got well. It really makes me angry. Hitting a nerve shouldn’t happen…it’s down to incompetence. Hope you feel better soon. Noreen x

Had mine a couple of months ago , young trainee 5 attempts hit a nerve 3 times. I told them to stop , bloody agony , then senior came in first time no problems. Never again tho and still awaiting DX Gray