lumber puncture in the morn

hiya everyone

i get my lLP tomorrow,ive got a 2l bottle of coca cola in the freezer to take with me to the hospital as ive read other posts and people say it stops the headache from hell

i’m not worried about having the LP but i am worrried about the headache bit as i’m already suffering daily headaches and couldnt bare them been worse

anymore tips from anyone

thanks mick

I had mine Tuesday doctor doing it suggest not to have coke as it only has 2% caffine and too much sugar he suggested tea and coffee the nurses had me drink water to prevent the headache, I had 2 cans of coke lots of water and tea only had minor headache keep fluids up. Good luck

You’ll be fine. Lie down in the hospital for the time they say afterwards. They should make you a cup of tea too. I drank loads of tea as I’m a tea belly anyway. The LP is not as bad as you think, it’s over quite quickly and I didn’t get the headache xx

Hi I lied down for an hour after having my LP done and drank loads of water I then lied down again when I got home and I didn’t get a headache at all. Like the others said the actually Procedure isn’t bad at all and over pretty quickly x

hiya alysea and bev thanks for the replies,i posted this lastnite but dont think it went up till today…

ive had my LP,had it at 3oclock,i was on my way home by 3.10 so i didnt get much chance to have lay down or a cuppa…i’m home now so ive layed on the couch with a cuppa coffee,no sign of the dreaded headache

LP went fine,didnt feel a thing

Hi Mick

When I had my LP I only took in a 500ml bottle of full fat coke. That seemed to be enough to prevent a headache, that combined with lying down for an hour when I got home.

The doctor/ nurse who carried out the procedure didn’t think much of leaving me to remain lying after they took the needle out. I didn’t get a headache at all, but I did feel as though some pressure was relieved from my neck afterwards. I ahd walked out of the room about 10 mins after te LP and was in my car driving home.

All in all, it wasn’t to bad. When I arrived I had to sign a medical disclaimer and then jump up on the bed. I was then asked to pull my t shirt up a little to expose my lumbar region and then the nurse applied some sterile wipes.

The nurse gave me a local anasthetic then the doctor carried out the procedure. All I could feel was a bit of prodding in my lower back. No pain though just prodding. It seemed to take forever, but in reality only took about 40 minutes tops. I must have a fat back as they struggled to get the needle in.

I left the sticky plaster on for a few days and left the area well alone, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck with it.