Getting scared about LP on Fri...................

Really really getting scared about the Lumbar Puncture on Friday!!

Worried about how it will go....

Worried about how long I'll have to wait for the results......

Worried about the after effects.....

Worried if they find something.......but also.....

Worried if they don't.......


Mandymoo x

Aww Mandymoo, it is a horrible thought to be poked and prodded around by people isnt it. Its all so scary anyway. I really hope your LP goes well and you dont feel a thing, that you get dx very soon and that it all starts to make sense. Good luck Mandymoo. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Friday xx

Hi Mandymoo
Do not fret over it the anaesthetic is worse. Make sure you lie down after (at leat an hr, the longer the better) if you are at home get s takeaway for tea, will not help but you dont Zv too cook, and drink loads of coke, not caffeine free or with loads of ice. If too cold and too quick you will get ice-creAm headache and this is worse then LP. Just take it easy & we are all thinking of you.



There is no point saying don't worry cos you will anyway, I was exactly the same, however I did not feel a thing and I mean NOTHING even the anaesthetic jab was nothing, I think its all changed now and the needles are very thin.  I think if you are very heavy they sometimes have to try a couple of times but I would have another LP rather than go to the dentist. Good luck let us know how you get on, my results took 6 weeks.


Hi its not as bad as people say I was told to lie down after but the hospital sent me home said I didnt have to, its abit uncomfortable but that's all I drove home after but if you got someone to take you then its probably best not too.

I wont tell you how many attempts it took to take the fluid compared to child birth its a walk in the park.


Good luck hope it goes well for you.


Sue x

Thx all.

I've seen posts about caffiene but I've also read that this is a myth. I don't drink tea or coffee and cant bear the taste of full sugar coke. Does anyone know if caffiene tablets will work just as well? Wether its a myth or surely cant hurt to give it a go.

Thx again 

Mandymoo xx

hi I understand how you are feeling as waiting to have date for LP but have same worries! I posted about LP aftercare and you can get caffeine tablets cheaply from chemist £3 something.

a couple of people who did have headache afterwards said they found them helpful.

would love to know how you get on, take care best wishes xxx


I had a LP about 8 weeks ago, and got a letter with the results a couple of days ago so I've just been through what you're about to go through. These are my experiences - The procedure itself was painless, although it takes a while for them to do so be prepared for that. I did then get a headache afterwards, but it really wasn't very bad. The worst thing, by far, has been waiting for the results. I badgered the neurologists secretary and I think that's why he sent me a letter before my follow up appt. I don't really understand what the letter means (it says there is inflammation consistent with my MRI), but it really made me feel better knowing I was probably one step closer to knowing what was wrong with me.

Hope you have a similar positive experience of the whole thing.

I’ve. Or had an lp but just wanted to say good luck

That’s meant to say I’ve never had an lp!!

Thanks everyone for yoyr input and words of encouragement!!! 

I'm glad that they are doing an LP but just a bit scared. 

I had a funny turn today at work and that scared me stiff....I thought I was on my way out for a moment. In bed resting now. So the sooner they look and I get diagnosed with something,,,,,anything,,,the better


Thx again my forum chums 

Mandymoo xxx


Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

It really does help having your words of encouragement! 

I'm really not worried about the proceedure other than if it causes a reaction to the arthritis that I have in my spine.

I think I'm going to try the Proplus caffiene tabs. 

I had a really funny turn yesterday. For about 10 seconds each time (3 in all) this complete bizare feeling came over my head and face, starting from the right. I would never be able to articulate how it felt because it was so so so bizare. Tingling, fuzzy, numb, pressured, vision issues but I cant say what exactly....just struggled to focus I guess...I really did think I was having a stroke. Very very scary. I thought I would have a day of rest today but I needed to go and collect my daughter from her final day ever (whoopee) at school. On the way home I needed to make 3 emergency toilet bowells were awful....So I'm lay up in bed....still with a dodgy tummy and slight fuzzy feelings on my head. Don't really know what to do about it scared2

Anyway...thx again all 

Mandymoo xx

Well here goes. 11 in the morning at the QE Birmingham…deep breath…

Mandymoo x

Good luck Mandymoo. I will be thinking of you tomo xx

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

Mine is booked for the a  migraine sufferer, I am a bit worried about the headpain afterwards.

Good luck ,i hope it goes ok ,thinking of you xx

Good luck - Hope it goes well xxx  

Good luck today but i'm sure you will be fine. I must be mad because i want my LP now but have to wait and see heamotologist first!

sonia x

Good luck for today xx