Lumbar Puncture not so bad!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to stop by and share with everyone my LP experience. While I was waiting for my LP i done lots of reading & video watching and this made me terrified of what was to come. Also I found that telling friends & family about needing the LP and judging their reactions of terror and disgust made me feel HORRIBLE.

I bravely went to the hospital this morning, trying to convince myself that I was fine and it was all good. I faught back the tears and held it together and found that actually, it was fine.

There were two bits that were not very nice and that was having the numbing solution in the first place, it stung and hurt but thats the only painful part. Then when the needle was going into my back, it hit a nerve and made my leg feel like it was being shocked. I was told about this but you can’t prepare for it and the sudden sensation made me jump which is obviously not too good at that time.

The entire thing took about an hour and that is only because of how slowly the fluid drips out. it’s boring just laying there and having to keep still but I was really lucky to have a lovely nurse and anesthesiologist doing my procedure who chatted away to me and helped me feel right at ease.

now it’s about 11 hours later and I feel fine, I have a small back ache and i’m moving a little slower than normal but that is all. I have no headache (for the first time in forever) and I’m in total shock at how well it all went. I have been drinking lots of water to keep hydrated and made sure I done this for a few days before I went. Now i’m just taking it easy and will continue to rest and keep my fluids up.

Just wanted to let others that are waiting for an LP know it’s not all horror and terrible, like the stories make you believe. I’ve had a really positive experience and am so happy to be on my way to diagnosis. I hope this helps people to relax and not panic while they wait for their LP, I know I was in a bad place before mine & do not want others to suffer if it can be avoided.

Good luck to anyone waiting


Nice to know it went ok I only have my neuro appt next week so don’t know what tests if any I’ll need but I’m terrified of the thought of an lp. X

I’m glad it went ok for you. I had mine done today, it was really straight forward and no way as bad as I thought. I have had an awful headache today but its starting to improve a bit now. X

My LP was ok. Unfortunately I had a junior person do it and he caused a leak. If all goes to plan LP is a pretty straightforward procedure and nothing to panic about (I am a nurse and have assisted with hundreds!)

Arwen, the thought of it is worse than the actual test. Like I said, mine was really positive and this is something I never thought i’d hear myself say. You don’t know what the neuro will say or want to do, and saying this is easier than doing it, but try not to worry & overthink it all. Let us know how your appt goes, good luck x

Gemma, we are LP buddies. Fingers crossed for good news for us both. Glad yours went well, sorry to hear about your headache. Make sure you look after yourself and hopefully it will continue to ease. Rest lots, thats my plan for the next few days, lots of sofa surfing & crap TV for me, being unwell has got to have some positives right, Good luck Gemma, keep us posted x

Kit, Glad your LP was ok but sorry you had a junior person, i was so nervous if I walked in and they said “junior doctor” to me I would have sat down and cried. As it goes the lady I had was amazing she made me feel totally at ease and (touch wood) I’ve not had any side effects except a small back ache. I dont know if being a nurse would help with knowing everything or set me off into a further panic?

Well i’m glad others have had positive experiences when it comes to the LP, I struggled to find any positive feedback before mine so I wanted to put it out there that it’s not all bad. thanks for replying ladies, good health to you all.

EmmaW x

Hi Emma,

Haven’t been on here for a few days, so only just read your post.

I’m glad your LP went ok and hope you’re getting plenty of rest.

Take care


Really good to read this as I have an LP coming up soon! xxx