Lumbar puncture yesterday

Yesterday I had the dreaded lumbar puncture & it was really not as bad as expected, they had to try 3 times before success though. The reason being because I was lying down they kept hitting a nerve, they then tried it sitting up & it was over before I knew it & never felt a thing. A little sore today on lower back & a slight headache but I did drink lots of coke & coffee from the day before the LP until going to bed last night. I had heard loads of frightening stories & it wasn’t nearly as bad as some people make u believe. For any women that have ever had an epidural this is the exact same experience as I have had 2 epidurals. Don’t listen to the horror stories & drink lots of coke/coffee before & after.

Glad it went ok. Mine was fine too. I think its fairly painless and straightforward for most thankfully.


I had my lumbar puncture yesterday and although the procedure wasn’t bad the headache today is horrific :frowning: I’ve had coke, water, paracetamol, I’m on propranolol. God I hope it doesn’t last a week like they said. I suffer with persistent migraines and this is worse!! Glad yours both went well. Now just a waiting game.