Four days and in agony

So sorry, I am back for some more advice.

I had my lumbar puncture on tuesday (diagnostic for MS)…four days ago. I had a bit of a bleed and they struggled for a while whilst I was lying down it was agony. Finally when I sat up it worked. I drank lots of coke and have laid down ever since.

I am still laying flat. I feel sick and keep having nose bleeds. My headache is agonising and I am taking cocodomol and ibrobrufen together…but it still hurts and is horrendous if I lift my head up. It is absolutely debilitating and I wish that I had not had it done.

Worse case scenario…does anyone know how long it might last?

(I can’t do anything and was trying so hard to exercise, get healthy, give my body a chance to fight the MS and now I am lying here and feeling all of my symptoms getting stronger…arrrgh)

thank you Ali

PS… I know that it is not like this for everyone, please try not to worry if you have to have one.

You probably don’t need to hear this… But others waiting for Lp probably do. I got up after an hour & had no issues. I drove myself home, At work the next day.

Sounds like something whent ‘wrong’. Hope you feel better soon. This so dose not sound normal.

You should really ring your GP or 111, as you may need a patch. It sounds like they had an issue doing it and it shouldnt have bled not really. I wouldnt stay like this another day to be honest i know a friend of mine in the states had the same reaction and they sorted it out very quickly and within a day she was tons better. So if its no better I would talk to someone. xx


Ah man, feeling your pain. I know when I had mine the staff said that if there was significant issues afterwards, that I should contact them as some as possible. It sounds like you’re in some bad pain so get in touch with them for some advice - they may want to take a look at you again. Sending feel better vibes.

I completely agree. Many people have the horrific headache, but after several days you’d expect it to be better.

Phone 111 and ask for advice.


I think you should call the hospital.It should not be that bad. A quick phone call may put your mind at rest or you may need some help. For anyone waiting anxiously for a LP mine was fine with no after complications only a bit of a back ache. I know we are all diffetent put please don’t be put off. I hope you feel better soon

Thank you for your concern.

Saturday and twelve hours in hospital! and they have confirmed that unfortunately I have a leak. I have to wait for another few days and if I don’t naturally mend, they will do a blood patch. I have much, much stronger pain killers now and it is good to have an end in sight. Laying flat and watching far too much telly. kindest thoughts Ali

I had a lumbar puncture and I was poorly for 2 weeks at least. The person that did it got blood in the spinal fluid to. If it isn’t done properly it can cause problems. Severe headache not being able to stand etc. Some people are lucky and get an experienced doctor, I should have known when something was wrong when the nurses were trying to find the person carrying out the procedure couldn’t find him for 3 hours. My nurse holding my hand after about 8 attempts to get the right spot and stop him hitting my nerves was actually shouting at him to stop. The senior doctor had come onto the ward at 2.30 in the morning to stop him, send him away and he carried it out with no pain half an hour later. No doubt after that I was traumatised! I thought that was the reason of the numbness in my legs in months/years to come???

OMG I was frightened before but after reading your experiences I am terrified now :frowning: I really hope I get someone who knows what they are doing when I have mine done.


Hi Marjie

Most people have no trouble. Don’t head towards your LP with horror stories fresh in your mind. I had one without the benefit of being told about laying down or drinking caffeinated drinks and had absolutely no side effects. It wasn’t a pleasant test, but neither was it a complete nightmare.


Another one here who had no problems at all. I lay down for a couple of hours afterwards and drank coke and coffee and didn’t feel any ill effects at all. And the procedure itself was fine! Try not to spend time on needless worry, mostly LPs go fine.


sorry, I didn’t mean to scare yo guzlover, it was probably 1 in a million that that had happened like I said another doctor came round and did it in seconds and was painless, nothing to worry about. Its really worth getting it done a bit like when your in labour having an epidural is better option x

Dear All, Still on some pain relief but things are getting easier and went swimming today…blissful. Don’t think that I will need a blood patch, yippee. Think that I was just very unlucky this time so please don’t worry if you have to have a LP. Warmest thoughts Ali