Well yesterday I had my results back from MRI Scan…Very nervous while waiting to see GP after 45mins waiting I got called in to see her. I went with my husband. Gp said “Its not good news, have you received your letter?” I replied "No"I felt very sick and I was shaking…MRI has shown its MS, and I now need bloods and a Lumber Puncture.

I cried in the GP’s room, and while waiting for my meds, but not really cried if you know what I mean…Feel in shock, and numb.Has anyone else felt like this?


Hi Janet,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis; it is a bit of a shock even when you have an idea what the outcome will be.

I can’t understand; not you the Neuro; in one breath saying you have MS and the next wanting an LP; what if that comes back negative as 5% do.

Anyway the actual procedure is not painful; in fact the only thing you feel is a scratch when the anaesthetic goes in. The actual removal of fluid is just a feeling of pressure if done properly. I must stress if done properly; do not let anyone practice on you insist on someone who is experienced.

It’s after you MAY get something called ‘the headache from hell.’ To cut down the chances of getting this you should lay flat for at least 3 hours do not even get up to go to the loo; use a pan. Drink at least 2 litres of classic Coke, not diet; it’s the caffeine that aids replenishment of your CNS fluid. Being your drinking a lot take one of those bendy straws otherwise the bed will get more Coke than you. If you want a change of drink very strong coffee.

These things will drastically reduce your chances of getting a headache that could last about 8 days. If you have a couple of days off work and rest if you do not get the headache, if you do 10 days off work.

If the headache last more than 10 days you could need a blood patch; especially if there’s a wet patch on the bed in the area of the spine after a nights sleep. See GP;

Good luck.


Sorry to hear of your news,but as I’m sure you have seen from this site it is often a relief to come out of limbo and at least have a solid reason for all the weird stuff thats been going on.

I’m suprised it was your gp that was telling you,and as George questionned why put you through a lp??? I never had one.

Anyway you will find yourself up and down for the next few weeks so be kind to yourself, and remember the only difference today is you know whats happening and your whole body and life isnt about to come crashing down around you…it will just need tweaking along the way.

Did the subject of dmd come up?

Dont forget in the shock of it all to tell dvla,insurance and check your policies for critical health insurance.

Take care


Sorry to hear your news, but once you get over the shock I’m sure you’ll come to believe that it’s best to know.

I’m with the others about the LP. Why do they want one? There is anything up to a 20% chance of it being negative (the norm is 5-10%) - will they say that it’s not MS if yours is negative? What do they hope to gain by an LP result? I really do think that you should be asking exactly why they want the LP. It’s not a major procedure, but a small proportion of people have a bad time with it, so they shouldn’t be having it done just to tick a box.

I’d hang on until I got the letter and/or spoke to the neuro before telling everyone btw, just in case the GP has misinterpreted things.


Karen x

Hi Gp told me the the white matter has demyelation and its very bright white, and the mri report said MS. She said at least its not a tumour!!!

Still feel strange., and my headache today has been on and off… weird!!!