Lp and headache, maybe a slightly premature post the other day

Well…it’s been 4 days since my lp which went well as my previous post said. No headaches to complain of…until… This morning. Oh my days… What a stonker!! I have no idea if it’s a delayed reaction to the lp orifice I have a bug or if it’s connected to these weird horrid fuzzy numb head feelings. Whichever it is I’m pleased to say that it has responded well to massive amounts of fluid, caffiene tabs, and strong co-codamol. So I guess what I’m saying is… If you have an lp and it too goes fine…please continue to drink and take the caffiene for at least 4 days. Apparently according to my husband the neuro did say that the headache could start anytime over the next few days… Then again that could be phils way of shutting me up lol.
Hope this doesn’t put anyone off! Just drink barrels of water :slight_smile:

Mandymoo xx

Thanks so much for the tip Mandymoo!

I shall bear it in mind for my LP next week.


Hi Mandymoo

It takes a while for the fluid to replenish after a LP, that is why it’s beneficial to drink loads, caffeine aids the symptoms, but don’t take too much or you will get a caffeine headache, as told to me by ms nurse. You just gotta take it easy


Ok guys…day 2 of the headache from hell. Pleasepleaseplease be sensible, unlike me, and rest rest rest!!! I suggest a week off work if possible and lots of lay down with feet and head slightly elevated. It’s manageable when I’m lay down.
House is a tip and looks like a scene from a war zone but hey ho… I’m looking after me!! :-))
Take care peeps

Hope your headache starts to go soon :( and your feeling better,

Thanks for sharing how its been for you .I would have probably only rested for a day at the mo, but if i do have to have one ill make sure i rest longer now ,dont want to get one of those headaches :(

Sam x


Thanks for sharing. Hope you feel better soon.X


Hope it eases up soon.

Something I am also concerned about it a leak and needing a blood patch.

I think I read that if your headache lasts more than about 4 days it might be due to CSF leakage...keep a check on that, won't you love.

Look for a small wet patch on your clothes or bedding, apparently? Am only repeating what I have read so not personal experience but I take everything on board! I've also read that some hospitals do a blood patch as part of the LP anyway? Not sure how true that is though.



Blood patch :-s what the heck is one of them?? I’m a little concerned because I had no bad head at all from fri until yesterday. I would have thought it would have been there from day one.

I will defo watch out for the leaking to be sure. Mum thought I had a temperature earlier as I was very hot to touch but by the time I found the thermometer it was fine. I’m sure it’s just par for the course I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t misleading in my previous posts.
Thx everyone xx

Blodd patch is there they take a small amount of your own blood and inject it into the LP site (hole) to plug it up.

This is my own words, as I'm sure you can tell lol. I will see if I can find a proper explanation with a link...


Scroll down to 'Risks'. It mentions the blood patch there.

oh no just read this! I do hope you are feeling ok? check if clothes damp or sheets damp if they are contact the hospital or gp as you may need patch. don’t take to much codeine either as that can give you a headache!

I’m still waiting for my LP so will take your advice!

take care