Hi, Went to the downstairs loo about 8.15am OK, but our hall was very cluttered with kids’ stuff. Leant a bit too far to hold onto something to keep my balance, my back twinged and basically couldn’t support me, I fell backwards slowly but still managed to crack my head against a corner of the wall. Got a nice lump/bruise on the side of my head. Eventually crawled back into the lounge and mustered up the energy to pull myself up onto my riser/recliner. Taking things very easy now. My youngest (10) was still around and didn 't know what to do. He had to step over me to get to the front door so he could go to school. Ironically, I’ve got a cleaner calling round later for a chat as I’ve decided we need some help cleaning the bathroom & kitchen. Almost embarrassed to let her in the house as it’s such a tip. Heather

Heather - it sounds like you’re having a day of it! Sorry you’ve clunked your head & I hope you get enough rest to feel better. I wouldn’t worry about being embarrassed about what the cleaner thinks - I think it’s better people start a job knowing exactly what they are going to be doing. And he/she will have seen it all before. If it was me, and I’d gone to a house which looked immaculate then started work only to find it strewn with toys, I’d be wondering what happened! My Mother in law was a cleaner for years she always says & her best jobs were the ones where she could see she’d made a real difference. Hope your day gets better Jane xxx

Hi, your child stepped over you and left for school? Can hardly believe it!

Good idea about the cleaner…dont worry about tidying up for her see just what needs doing!


ps hope your bruises and sore bits feel better hun.

Hi Heather, sounds painful. I hope you are ok now. Hope you got on well with the cleaner. Cheryl:-)

Unfortunately, my day got worse. Stood up around 1pm to go to the loo, lost my balance and fell backwards, cracking the other side of my head on the coffee table. Couldn’t get up, emailed my husband (I could reach my iPad) who came home early to help me out ( he works in London). I’d managed to sit myself up against the settee but finally got back into my riser/recliner around 5pm. Now I just feel cold and shivery. Maybe my body’s still in shock…or maybe it’s just cold. My eldest son (13) had already gone to school when I fell over this morning, and it was my youngest (10) who had to step over me. To be honest, there wasn’t much he could do. My husband works full-time in London and stays over on a Wed & Thur night to save on travelling and to get more done. Cancelled the cleaner - she’s now coming on Monday. Getting to sleep tonight will be fun as I’ve now got 2 bumps on my head. Thanks for all your good wishes. Heather

You poor thing. What a day! We all have them - I had one just yesterday. Please take care. With two head bumps someone should keep an eye on you overnight. Try to be positive - after all tomorrow is another day… xx PS. I’m jealous about the cleaner!

Oh dear, you really haven’t had a good day, I hope you feel better tomorrow. Cheryl:-)

Well, after my adventures on Friday falling over (twice) and cracking my head (twice), I’m now bogged down with germs - ears and head feel full of snot, nose runny, legs achey. Still taking it easy. Had someone round this morning to measure up for a low-threshold door, and my organic box delivery arrived and is waiting in the kitchen for my eldest to unpack when he gets home from school - although he dopesn’t know that yet. :slight_smile: