Bad day with floor time

Heather went with our daughter to hospital at Ashford, she is thirty five but sometimes you just want your mum there She as an acute ear infection and needed emergency treatment very painful. I was having great time on my own listening to jazz and blues on YouTube but eventually had to circum to the call of nature. Long story which ended with me on bathroom floor. I did manage to get out and onto the carpeted landing. Bathroom floor nonslip and very abrasive to my poor knees. I was on the floor for around an hour before Heather gets home. We or rather she gets the camel out and it don’t work. First time used in about six months. Useless. Our neighbour was called into duty and got me back on my feet then into bed.

That’s my day.


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Hiya Don, have you considered getting care call installed in your house? At least if you did have a fall and you were home alone you’d be able to get help a lot faster than having to lie and wait on Heather getting back. I had to get it in my last flat after falling into the bath while I was in the shower. I fractured my spine on that fall but even if I hadn’t, I still wouldn’t have had a hope of getting myself out of the bath tub. My boyfriend (ex now) was home thankfully & he lifted me out but if he’d been at work I would have had to have sat/lay in the bath for hours until he got home. Was another thing I wasn’t aware of, nor the need to but that fall scared the crap out me so I was happy to wear the wristband thing. It was comforting to know that if I fell again & couldn’t get to the phone, I could still get help. Duno if it’s something you’d consider? Hope your knees aren’t too bruised from that flooring cos it’s quite rough! x

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Oh Don you poor thing, bet a few swear words came to mind.

What about having a careline so when Heather is out, you both have peace of mind that should anything happen, help is there for you.

I wear mine when I am on my own, I just then know someone can help if needed. The local authority sorts it and its only a couple of quid weekly, but very reassuring.

Hope your bruises heal quick, time to get the arnica out, take care.

Pam x

Oh Don that’s awful.

In sheltered we have emergency cords but also, those of us in danger of falling, have a pendent like the careline ones.

Really Don you should get one. I’m sure it would put Heather’s mind at rest as well.

Hope you’re feeling ok now.

You and Madonna eh?

I think whenever we fall we should refer to it as ‘Doing a Madonna’!

Pat xx

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Don that sounds awful. It is particularly hard on the bony bits.

Jo and I have discussed these emergency call things but we’re still undecided-that is I haven’t got my act together yet. Funnily enough I was on my own the last time I fell. It took a while to get back on my feet-mostly by shuffling on my backside to the sofa. Once by the sofa I can do a sort of whole body lurch and eventually get sitting down again. It’s not graceful.

Pat I like it. My last Madonna was not backwards-it was more of a slow melting shimmy down a wall.

Best wishes, Steve.

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That must have been awful, I hope you haven’t bruised yourself. The suggestion of a pendant sounds like a really good idea.

Best wishes!

Hi, hope you are over the shock and injuries now hun.

quite like the way Pat says we can now refer to our falls as doing a Madonna…but she got up a lot quicker thn we can, eh?

luv Polx

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Don, you deserve a break, mate! Hope you can rest up and get over it soon.


Hi Don.

Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are not hurt, only your dignity.

Wish I could get up as quick as Madonna and as gracefully. I have to pull myself over to sofa and depending how done in I am with all the exertions I can just about manage to pull my self up. Picture an elephant stuck in mud, that’s me.

Take care,

Mags xx

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You don’t seem to be having much luck lately, or should I say much good luck. Hope you are feeling ok after your sojourn to the floor

Jan x

I got up slowly today showered and downstairs for twelve hat to return to bed at four and Heather woke me for match of the Day. Guess what.

Yep WIDE A BLOOMING WAKE now one fifteen AM.

got bruises and grazes but it was my own damned stupidity that caused it. I know I can’t pick stuff off the floor but when you is feeling good you think you can suddenly do it again. Paying for it now

Thanks for all your kind wishes you all know I am feeling like which is comfort.

Heather is so rarely away from the house for longer than half an hour

If she is she will organise a Don sitter she knows what I am like

Night night turning in now after one more candycrush


Hi Don,

That sounds really nasty, hope you’re feeling a bit better today. You’ve had a real dose of rotten luck lately…hope you’re in for a good spell now, you certainly deserve it!

I’ve recently had a care alarm, took me a long time to get round to it. I had a fall outside a few years ago in the winter and was stuck outside in the rain until my husband came home. Like Heather he’s not out that often but at least I feel secure now when he is!

It appears different authorities have different rules and regulations. It seems in Herefordshire if you qualify you don’t have to pay, so I was lucky. They even fitted a key safe free of charge as we have no near neighbours.

Take care of yourself Don,

Nina x

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Sorry to hear about your “incident” Don, I hope your bruises both visible and invisible are healing well MS does like to remind us how dependant we are on others. I have the 24hr helpline too it costs me £3 a week.They do call my nearest and dearest first if its not an emergency.

Pauline xx

I put my fall experiences on my Disabled Don blog

Still in bed today. lazy? No HEATHER was called into Deliver he Grandsons to school

She is back now so coffee and a shower

X Don

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Brilliant blog Don!

Pat xx

Thanks Pat back at yah