I have been dx for 6 years now with no real problems, however, recently I have fallen over three times and each time I fall really hard. Before, if I tripped, I used to be able to sort of save myself as I went down, but now I’m like a sack of spuds and it Hurts! Anyone know what I mean?

Hi, yes I know what you mean. I’ve been there. Have you considered FES. It helps lift the foot. FES helps me so much. Cheryl:)

Hi Jenny,

I know exactly what you mean. I am totally incapable of breaking my falls. I frequently smack my face into the floor and have had some fantastic black eyes.

It’s a good job I’m not married or folks would suspect I was being abused!


Hi everyone I’m always falling over but haven’t yet really hurt myself luckily only hurt my pride! The most embarrassing was recently falling twice on the way in to see my son’s tutor and having to explain why as she did not know! Teresa xx

Hi Jenny.

A couple of years a ago i had bad falls they done some tests and found out it was mainly vertigo.My body seem to loose its centre of balance and you just have to go to ground.

Started takeing some medication for this and it got a little bit better.[Betahstine]

Now when i fall it still hurst but seem to get over it better.Not sure any of this helps you but you never know.Take Care .Chris

That sounds awful; what do you think it is that delays you or makes you unable to break your fall?