Falling... Again!

I’m feeling sorry for myself tonight. I fell earlier when I was out walking my fur baby Dali. I haven’t hurt myself badly really, scraped & bruised knees, elbows an hands. Ive got good at lifting my head/face up so I don’t head butt the ground resulting in stitches - had waaaay too many incidents of split heads… It doesn’t always work however, but it did tonight thankfully. What I’m still amazed at was the fact that a bloke walking his two dogs didn’t offer me any assistance at all. He was less than 50 yards away from where I was half sitting, half lying sprawled on the ground, pulling leaves out of my hair. What a job I had trying to get up off the ground, but he didn’t come over to me to ask if I was alright. Yes I could of shouted out to him for help but if it doesn’t come naturally to him to offer assistance, then I kinda don’t want it. And yeah I know that could be to my own detriment. I’m just surprised again at how ignorant people can be. I don’t know why I’m surprised at this though cos it’s happened plenty times. He saw me walking past the clearance to the field with Dali then a few minutes later he came through and saw me lying on the track road. I know what i would do in that situation an it wouldn’t be to keep staring whilst walking away from the person lying on the ground with a dog running around her trying to lick her human up off the ground.

I’m sore, everything’s aching so I’ve had a few extra pain killers tonight and munched a big bag of malteasers. Bed now with my live furry hot water bottle & I’ll be prepared for the stiffness tomorrow. It’s always worse the day after a fall, I think anyway. It’s not just the injuries from falling though. It’s the internal shaking & fright I get after a fall. It always takes my confidence away for a few days aswell cos I’m scared I’ll fall again. Urgh F-you MS!!!

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Yep it messes with your head and even though we tell ourselves it’s OK it ain’t your head just does it anyway. I don’t repair as fast nowadays my last fall was in the bathroom (not counting the reason I am awake I nearly fell out of bed a few minutes ago ) back to last fall. Stil have scabs and bruises eight or nine weeks later and you hurt . Poor you hope you ain’t to sore tomorrow. Don’t worry about the non helper his loss not yours.


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Hope you’re not too sore this morning. When Mr Ignorant tells his story of seeing someone on the ground I hope they ask him why he didn’t help and shame him for his lack of compassion.

Jan x


Dejavu, this is one of my tricks too. Spent a lot of time over last few years looking like I’ve been In a boxing ring!! & my poor knees. Hope you feel better soon hun, my sympathies <<


Hi there,

It really does affect your confidence although I keep telling myself not to let it.

Hope you are feeling better today and don’t let this crap get you down.

As for the man, what comes around goes around springs to mind.

((( hugs)))

Mags xx


I think we can all agree that falling is one of the biggest slaps in the face we have to endure. The tripping demon has a pertinent sense of timing, choosing the exact moment for maximum effect (and usually an assemblage of spectators). This is one of the genuine stealth symptoms of a number of conditions but particularly of MS, as we have been conditioned to be wary of such spectacular mishaps. I try to stress to whomever is present when I dare take the challenge to cross a room by ambulant means, that making me laugh whilst trying to walk will have a disastrous outcome. One is also aware of intense staring eyes, scrutinising every bumbling step:

"Are they willing me to fall?! I ask myself. “Are they waiting for that moment when I meet the ground and release an explosion of drama when they can all leap into action and rescue my poor crumpled heap, thus partly relieving their strained feelings of sympathy and guilt?”

It’s a big thing isn’ it? From the first time, when my poor head met the bottom of a lamp post on a busy street in Leicester, I’ve had to face up (or down) to falling as a daily hazard. As a sporting youth I would brandish my scars as some form of medal, showcasing endeavour and bravery, but now? I’m just happy to get up again. Few people mention the bumps and bruises these days-I just get the looks and the heads cocked to one side.

Hope you’re feeling better soon, best wishes, Steve.

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I only/always fall when I least expect it… if my brain is engaged, I’m fairly safe! I lose it if there’s too much movement going on or just thru changing my mind about anything i.e. changing direction, picking up something, remembering something, something catching my eye… you name it! The indignity generally isn’t as bad as the pain

Sonia x

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