hiya, am a 29 year old women and in need of help. for the last couple of years i have been falling alot, i seem to go weeks or months without a fall and then i seem to fall all the time. i have damaged my shoulder with theses falls. I also have a very bad memory and am very forgettful at times, my husband can be talking to me and i dont take anything at all. I hav spoke to my doctor about the forgetfullness and was bascily told it was because i am on tablets for anexity and ocd. I have also had what i can only describe as tightness at night, i call them my funny turns. i seem to go numb and then my body curls up very tightly. i cant move and am aware that its happening but cant talk to make my husband aware, after abit my body relises and i go limp. sometimes after i go limp i can go straight back into one of theses. I also have problems with my bladder and am shorted sighted in my left eye. I am a carer and have worked with a women who had ms and over the last wee while i have been worrying alot about having ms. I dont want to go to the doctors just incase its nothing. does anyone think it could be ms or something else. thanks lesley

Hi Lesley

First of all - you need to see your GP and don’t be fobbed off with an ‘Oh its just this - that or the other’. At the very least your GP should be getting blood tests done to start ruling stuff out. If it is MS (or something else) its a case of ruling everything else out, and whatever you are left with is the DX, but you have to start with seeing your GP and being firm with him/her.

Hi lesley, Theresab is right, you need to go back to your GP, there is obviously something going on that needs further investigation, don’t let them fob you off. It could be one of a lots of things other than MS, but it definitely needs looking into. Take care. C