hi i am looking for some advice i am 40y old been suffering balance problems since i was 31y old i was tested for ms back wen i was 31 as it runs in the family . doctor said there was no sign of ms. in the last year i hav noticed my balance has got worse my eyes r dry and sore , speech has got muddled up wen am trying to talk i also have really sore legs like heavy feeling and really bad joint pain sometimes i hav twitching all over my body eyes, fingers ,legs last month my balance took a dramatic change 4 2 weeks i could not stand or lie down . doctors have blamed all diff things like my diabetic, then it was my heart which ended up ok please help i am at my wits end and need some answers

It might be time for you to ask to be refered back to a neuro - insist that you are refered back, you have justifiable concerns, if for no other reasion than to rule it out!

good luck & KBO

Hi Heather and welcome to the site

I completely agree with Clare - time to bang on desks and insist on seeing a new neuro. Go for an MS specialist - your family history makes it more likely that your symptoms are due to MS. It might not be, but there is no way that you should be being dismissed with all that going on!

Good luck!

Karen x

omg 2day i hav been trying to speak but its coming out slurred sometimes and to make things worse how could i forget my son was in nursery thankgod for my partner who was with me rememberd wats happining to me , i hav got anothe appoitment with doc to demand i c a ms specialist . thanks guys for your support feel as if i hav no ware else to turn i really appreciate all of you xxx i hav also been keeping a diary of all of my symptoms


I am forever forgetting things. I set reminders for almost everything - I even have reminders on my phone and laptop to take paracetamol on Rebif days!

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Karen x

am like that with my medacation thought it was just me forgetting but its like hav i took them or havent nd to set reminders myself now xxheatherxxx