Hi everyone,

Sick to death of falling down!!!

I don’t really walk just shuffle from furniture to hand rails or what’s ever handy!

Then getting up is nearly impossible nearly an hour last night. Is it time just to give up and stay in a wheelchair?

Any advice on this or am I just being a baby and having a bad day?

Thank you x

Hi Tess, of course you’re not being a baby!

Firstly, have you had physio? I was falling quite a bit and then was referred to physio (your GP can refer you). She came to where I live weekly for 6 weeks and taught me a lot about how to avoid falls. It was very useful.

My main problem was standing and then walking too quickly… so now I know to stand and then wait and get my balance first. She also taught me exercises to improve my balance. It’s very personalised so she will watch you sitting, standing, walking, and work out thing to help you.

Secondly, I would advise against giving up and staying in wheelchair. While you do have the ability to stand and walk… however limited that ability is… you should try to keep it going for as long as possible.

However I think as your mobility is so limited you should perhaps think about using the wheelchair sometimes. Nearly an hour to get up in the night is terrible. Was it nearly an hour to actually get out of bed or to get to bathroom? If that’s the case, I would leave wheelchair next to bed so you can use it during the night.

So it’s not ‘wheelchair or no wheelchair’ situation… but a combo of both.

Have you got ‘bed bars’ on bed? OT provided me with these… it is a bar that they fix to side of bed (held in place by a long piece that goes under the mattress) so you can pull yourself up and out of bed. Very handy!

I would say that you really need both OT and physio assessments to see how they could help make life easier. See your GP for a referral… or go onto your council website and look for their disabled services to see if you can self refer.

Don’t ever think you are being a baby hon. It takes huge heroic courage to live with this damned MS!

Pat x

Thankyou Pat,!

Sorry I didn’t make myself very clear, it took me nearly and hour to get up after the fall. When I fall I have nothing in my legs!: so have to drag myself, my legs just follow behind (I must look like a seal) and end up so worn out. It’s Just getting so tough.

I have had phyiso, she was great came to my home but found things to hard or impossible to do alone. My balance is just getting terrible. Seems to have got worse the past four weeks.

I have also had an ot round and had quite a few adjustments and different gadgets. I have one of those things on my bed Pat, starting to get harder to get in and out of bed now though

Just think I’m going through a bad patch at the moment

Thanks x

Hi hon, as you’ve already had OT in you should be able to self refer. Give them a call. They might be able to help with something to make getting in and out of bed easier.

Tess it’s just not safe falling that often and having to drag yourself along like that. I suggest you do use the wheelchair more. At least you are safe sitting in it.

Also, have you thought about getting a pendant from local authority? You wear it round your neck and press a button if you fall. They send someone round to help you. Small charge but so worth it.

Ask OT about the pendant as well.

Sending you a big (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Tess as sounds like you’re really struggling.

Use that wheelchair darling!!! Don’t risk hurting yourself in a fall.

Pat xx

Hi Tess

Sorry you are going through a bad time of it, but Pat is right, give

yout OT a ring and explain the position, I am sure they will be able

to help, as things have obviously moved on from when you seen them


A lifeline button sounds a great idea, that way if you do fall, you can

get help quickly, has to be better than wearing yourself out trying to get

up. I got mine from our local authority and I pay quarterly on a direct

debit, but I think it works out at £1.75 a week.

Hope things improve quickly for you, take care.

Pam x

Thanks for your kind and helpful comments ladies,

Going to take your advice and give the ot a call. Just more adjusting I’ll get used to it, I’m in a positive mood today :slight_smile:

Once again thanks x