A fall

Hello everyone.

This evening I fell over in the bathroom. Instead of pressing my lifeline button, I endeavoured to get up myself via the bed and the bottom shuffle. It took me twenty minutes. Is this progress? No, it’s just boxing clever.

Best wishes, Steve.

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A win is a win

sorry about the fall, they happen so fast.

my ms continues to try throw me into face plant mode at every opportunity, it is not funny or clever.

take care


Good that you got up u naided however long it took. Bravo I am a stranded whale on the beach. Overnight my whole spinal column has locked up to protect itself despite tablets. Can’t turn over in bed even. Waiting for hubby to help me get up. Oody awful. Anne


Sorry to hear about being stranded. I hate not being able to turn over in bed. I had a big handle fitted which I can grasp with the hand that sort of works. This enables me to heave the carcass around a bit.

Good luck


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Hi Steve

sorry to hear you’ve had a fall, but well done for triumphing over adversity and getting yourself up, don’t worry about the time it took you…you done it…bravo.

Pam x

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Hi Anne

,I have a monkey pole fixed to the headboard, for exactly the problem you have in turning over. Might be worth having a word with an OT, nothing feels worse than not being able to get comfortable…

Other than that, you can get a thing that goes at the side of the bed, not sure that it is called,sorry, but the OT would know.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

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Sorry to hear you have had a fall Steve they really take it out of you, I fell over two weeks yesterday and actually managed a trip to Herne Bay today for a bacon sarnie my first one in a fortnight. Hope you mend faster than me. XXX Don

Well Don, when I was back in my chair I cooked up two bacon rolls at about 4 in the morning. That was good. But I’m still struggling with fatigue.

More time in bed for me.

Best wishes…

Hi Steve, Im glad that you are okay again, it must be so scary not being able to get back up. I fall more than i used to most of the time i manage to pull my self back up, falling outside is my biggest fear it is getting more challenging I have cuts on my knees from falling last week on my way to the chair which is kept outside in the garage. Greg my gardener and Lee are designing a ramp and accessible entrance from the backdoor down to the car when my new NHS chair comes I can only use it inside until we have finished the ramp and then the ot will sign it off for use outside. I dont feel ready to give up my walking inside but falling and crawling are my way of life just now, I know everything is uncertain I tell Lee that i may just stay the same, progression scares me particularly because I haven’t got a diagnosis so Im not sure what is causing this, If i ever find out that is ms i wont be worrying if I’ll end up using a wheelchair I’ve already done that. How long have you been using your wheelchair inside Steve ? I think on a bad day it would be good to have one inside but i don’t feel ready for that quite yet, certainly not using it all of the time.

Michelle x

Hello, Michelle.

I’ve been using the chair for most of this year. In fact I bought two. One is a folding electric one to go in the back of a car and I have a front wheel steer indoor chair which can rise up and down to help with managing the kitchen. Why I didn’t apply for these chairs through social care, I have no idea as it left a great big hole in my savings. Who’d think wheelchairs would be an impulse buy? The only trouble now is overdoing it. Hence the wall. I also have a Tramper for getting around town. It impresses people in the supermarket. Most people are really helpful. But they seem surprised or even relieved when I make them laugh. Yes, disabled people have humour. My favourite remark when giving way to people on foot is “sail before steam or in my case hot air.”

Best wishes, Steve.x

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Glad you’re ok, it still leaves you in shock if you manage to save yourself.

My last one wasn’t a straightforward fall, it was more of a slip/slide really but boy it hurt - as my knee, well it’s not supposed to bend quite like that! So at least I don’t have many visible bruises right now, the worst one is on top of my foot from dropping a crutch on it!

Sonia x