Hi Everyone this week hasnot been a good week I have fallen everyday this week!! mainly due to my legs just going from under me sometimes even was using my walker!!!

Whats happening since this time last year I have greatly reduced  my ability to do most things !! can anyone suggest what I can do to try to get some of my ability back?

all suggesstions would be appreciated

Jane crying2

A decent physio should be able to suggest some exercises that target areas of weakness, which might help. The MS Therapy Centres are worth checking out, if you have one locally.

It is either down to muscle weakness in your legs, or a balance problem, or both.

Take whammel's advice - particularly where your local MS Therapy Centre is concerned (could be a lot quicker than going down the NHS route.

Simple (does meerkat impression)  happy2


hiya jane

i have seen physio (both nhs and ms therapy centre). i have worked really hard at building strength back in my legs.

but beware of the sick jokes that ms plays on us. just when i think my hard slog is paying off, i start to slide back down the slippery slope. i'm languishing at the bottom right now but after a rest i'll start back working my way up.

try to find something that you can manage but still benefit from. as well as the exercises given to me by the phsio, i go to a yoga class. who ever said that yoga was gentle? 

got to keep a sense of humour to get through!

carole xhappy2



oh and get checked that your hips are not out of alignment. i had loads of nasty falls when i was first diagnosed. i was advised to see an osteopath and he told me that my hips were badly out of alignment so that i had one leg almost 2 inches longer than the other!

one session made such a difference that i ditched my walking stick and walked home instead of getting a taxi.

also i had drop foot, which made me appear clumsy.

insoles from the podiatrist helped but i prefer my easytone trainers and flipflops - because these are designed to be off balance they seem to cancel out my ms unbalancedness. they make you pick your feet up.

good luck

carole x

Totally agree with you.My last physio session,my physio told me my right hip was out of aligement,he scored me 10 out of 10 on my left side,only 3 out of 10 on my right side,was given 2 exercises 1 aday,He mentioned that i wasnt picking up my foot when walking, i told him that was hard,when half the time my foot dousnt feel it belongs to me,like a dead weight.also having hammer toes,i struggle with wearing flip flops,cos i carnt grip. Hey if i was a horsem they would have shot me now.

I use my stick all the time now,great for getting a seat on the bus.