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Hi guys, iv been diagnosed with RRMS although for 8 months I seem to have been bad continuously for 9 months. Iv been recently prescribed Avonex weekly injections and have just had my 2nd injection. My legs have felt so weak the last month or so and I was wondering if there is anything I can do? Does anyone know if there is any excercise’s I can do or any medication that may help? It’s really upsetting me I’m a nurse and I was at work for 2 hours today and had to leave because I was so weak I could barely walk and keep my balance. Please any advice would be much appreciatd I feel so depressed with all of this : ( x

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I also seem to be going through periods of leg weakness and balance issues. This has happened on and off for quite a few years. A little while ago I bought myself an exercise bike and a rowing machine. These seemed to make some difference to my leg strength, and also felt generally a bit better. My balance was easier to manage when I was doing regular exercise too.

In addition I eat carefully. I don’t know how much difference this makes but I feel good for it. Gluten free for me, and I have herbs and vegetables quite a lot. No processed foods, and no msg.



Can your GP or MS nurse refer you to a neuro physio?

They would probably be best placed to take an overview of your situation and offer good advice.

Good Luck!

Hi. I have just had a few physio sessions. They have given me exercises to do at home to try and strengthen my core stability for balence together with leg, arm and hand exercises. I invested in a balance mat which I can really feel working my legs while trying to keep my balance (must use in a safe area for wobbling off!). I haven’t been doing it long so can’t really say how helpful it will be although my balance is improving a bit. I was dx in June. My main relapse started in feb and although the worst of it has past I still have leg weakness, balance problems etc. I think it is definitely worth speaking to your gp or ms nurse for referral to a neuro physio. I have been referred to an OT (neuro said to see a physio but ms nurse thought OT would be better - I think there is a fine line between both) but the wait is six months so I paid for a couple of sessions with a physio as it was affecting me at work so much. Not a cheap option I know but I couldn’t write (pretty important for work!) and it has definitely helped with that. Hopefully waiting list in your area is shorter! You never know : ) Mish x

Thanks for your replies guys, it’s just upsetting that’s all, I’m with the Leicestershire hospitals and they have been awful with me which doesn’t help : ( il see my gp tomorrow and ask about the physio as I need to do something. I have applied for the ESA and DLA but heard nothing back from them, I’m sure when uv worked all ur life benefits seem to be very hard to try and claim, which is frustrating as I can’t work as much I need help financially also : (

Hi, good luck with trying to get some help. And with the DLA/ESA claims.

luv Pollx

Thanks poll il let u know how the claims go : )

Hello carlos261 & others,

Exercises are a very good idea. The endorphins kick-in and make you feel better, they also help with the problems like balance, foot drop etc. Yes they do take up time every day but they will help and make you feel better as well. I find that pushing yourself just that little bit further is good, it proves to you that you can do it and it makes you feel better.

The OT will help with adaptations to the house/flat. The MS nurse should help you with the MS problems like physiotherapy and exercises Finally the neurologist will guide you on the medical side but there are good uns and bad uns. Don’t forget the mental issues as well! In all cases it is a bit of a lottery. Have a look at my website,, it tells you about lots of other things that might help, I have SPMS.

The whole thing is a nightmare, there is no one point to get all the information you need to cope as well as possible.

Hope this is not too much of a downer. Do look at the website, lots of useful info.

Good luck,