Help needed

Hi everyone looking for some help been diagnosed recently with M.S in January 2014 since looking back my doctor and I have traced symptoms back to 2006 I’m 27 years old have two kids 8 yrs and 5 yrs, the last few days I have had issues with my balance and feeling sick does anyone know anything that helps with this? All help appreciated

There are medications available to stop the nausea - your GP should be able to give you something. If it’s mild and you can stand the taste, ginger may help - either ginger tea or a ginger soft drink.

As far as your balance is concerned, I am not aware of any medications if you are not dizzy, but physio may help. Contact your MS nurse and ask for a referral - a neuro physio is best (a physio who specialises in treating people with neurological conditions), but I see a regular physio and he’s helped me.

There are videos online (search for “MS exercises”), but a physio will be able to check you are doing them correctly to gain maximum benefit. My physio is also keeping an eye on my progress generally and varying my exercise programme to stop me getting bored and to maintain a level of challenge in it.

Hello MrsG

I take Cyclizine for nausea, which helps me but there are various one you can try.

Not sure what to say about the balance, that’s one of my big problems. My neuro said it was to do with where some of the lesion are in my brain and the effect on the back of my eyes.

Have you been referred to physiotherapist? It must be really difficult for you with two young children to look after.

Take care xx


As the others have said, physio will help (if you can find the time) - ask for a referral for a physio who specialises in neurological conditions. Whenever I see a physio my walking & balance always improve, as they can give exercises to help correct things that you’re doing wrong, and improve the strength of certain muscles. Or you could try a Pilates class or DVD, as that’s all about improving your core stability (any exercises you get from a physio will probably be based on Pilates ones).


Thanks everyone, still waiting to be refered to MS nurses have currently no medication so will just deal with it as long as I can, I’m very lucky to have a wonderful husband and family to help me when I need it just still very new to all this and dont know a lot so thank u all again

Family support is important, I’m glad you have that. I was diagnosed last year and still learning. Keep coming on here and asking won’t you? There will be lot’s of support for you :slight_smile: xx

I will blossom thank u, it’s the only place I come to for info xxx

It’s worth asking your GP if he can give you something for the nausea while you wait for the referral to go through.

Yeh I think I need to, been sick all day yesterday my mum called NHS 24 last night as she was worried and they think its a tummy bug not been sick since I spoke to nurse last night and been sipping at water instead of drinking even tho all I want to do is drink alot!

If you’ve stopped feeling sick then maybe increase the sipping otherwise you will only dehydrate. Obviously if you start feeling sick again then go back to sips. You need to see doc, if this doesn’t resolve soon. Take care x

I’ve introduced Ice now still not been sick today had half a apple to eat so hopefully I’m on the mend will keep up the sips of water tho my mum said I was dehydrated last night so glad she called NHS 24 cause I never wanted her to I hate hospitals and was sure that’s what they would want me in so glad I’m lying in my own bed getting over this xxx