getting worse

yeah im getting worse, its getting harder to walk in a straight line, balance is deteriorating. I can still walk but its definetly gettin harder. Still have the strength, just the sense of balance is a problem. What should i do here? im not gettin an appointment till 22 aug, dunno if i can wait that long. Ms nurse said if i get referred to another neurologist tho i’ll have to wait 10 weeks, think im snookered. Any suggestions?

Hi, sorry to hear this…getting worse ain`t no fun!

What about trying to see a physio? Our physio dept never has a long waiting list…2 weeks or so. They may be able to assess your situation and suggest summat to help.

luv Pollx

Im booked for the physio, just waitin on a letter comin through for the where and when. Last scan shows no active lesions which was april but im struggling to understand why it is im gettin worse. Somethings still doin damage to me

What are the excersises they show you to help with balance?

Hello Raymond,

I am sorry to read that you are getting worse. As you don’t think that there is anything you can do to get an appointment sooner, all you can do is relax as much as possible so as not to make the relapse any worse. It might seem a bit sad that this is the only tool that we can use against our MS, but it certainly does work. Could it also be that tension is playing havoc with your symptoms? If you look after yourself and do everything right then there is nothing else that can be done until the apppointment, but I do hope that you do start to see an improvement.

Take care,


it could be said that tension is playing a part here but im just not sure. It feels like the balance has been gradually deteriorating for months, Ive been doin all the right things, i dont think theres anythin more i can do.

Hello again Raymond,

It must be worrying for you that despite you doing everything right, the MS still has its way. But I know that when I first got MS (and we are talking the first eighteen month - two years) I was up and down like a yoyo. I was really worried as each relapse left me unable to move from the neck down and I had to have EVERYTHING done for me. The neurologist told me that the disease was ‘just settling’. At the time I thought that he was talking rubbish just to shut me up, but now I can see where he was coming from. Yes I still have relapses but these are nothing like they were and the illness tends to leave me alone for longer too.

Best of luck,