newby here

Hi,I was diagnosed in Jan 07 after a year of tests.

Started with a pain above my nose and GP thought it was a sinus problem,then I got spots in the upper half vision of my left eye (bottom half ok). GP asked me to go to an optician who was concerned as to what she saw and the tests began.

I kept getting appointments to see a MS doctor and had nothing to report as sight problem only lasted about two weeks.

Anyway, in Feb 2010 I started to walk kind of strangely after half a mile. Now I walk with a permanent limp, have an electronic foot-lifter and the lifter effect subsides after a period ( LEFT SIDE LEG AND FINGER PROBS).

I’m unstable when walking on uneven surfaces because of the ballance problems and left hand fingers are becoming more and more useless.I also feel my legs are week, get cramp in left foot little toes and outside ankle area.As I wake in the morning I stretch and the fingers of my left hand go into a spasam occasionally and left leg feels as if it doesn’t belong to the rest of my body. Oh, and and get back pain quite a lot.

Does anybody have a time scale as to when things get a lot worse?

Going to MS physio tomorrow.

Going to bed now,goodnight.


just can’t tell u when things will get worse. for the lucky ones it doesnt.

physio will do you good so work hard on the exercises they give you.

there’s always something new to try.

i was dx in 2008 and although it seems to me that i’ve got worse, my ms consultant is really pleased with how i’m doing.

have you tried HBOT? LDN? hydrotherapy?

good luck,

carole x


There is no timetable. You can go years with little or no change and then see big changes in a short time. (I was stable for over a decade before anything new happened.) You might never have anything happen or you could get worse tomorrow. Uncertainty is one of the challenges I’m afraid. It doesn’t make it any easier to cope but you do learn not to take good days for granted.

I do not look into the future because what’s the point. I also don’t look back into the past too much and compare myself with what I could do then. I try to live in the here and now. Deal with whatever problems I have right now and get as much out of life as I can right now.


PS Physio helped me a lot.

Hi, as the others have said, there`s no way of knowing how things will/will not progress.

There was a chap on the caring for someone board recently, who said his wife was given 6 yrs to live with advanced ms. This is wrong…no-one can give a prognosis on ms…whoever they are!

Hope the physio helps you.

Try not to look too far ahead, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks for the replies,

My ms physio says I’ve got to manage my ms problems and she’s right because I’m usually negative about the situation.

Bottom line is I’ve got get my head out the sand and be positive because my primary prog. ms has been painless so far except from the odd lower leg/foot cramps.