Getting scary

Hello to everyone, i was diagnosed with ms on christmas eve 2 years ago and i thought happy christmas.

This is my first time using this forum but i felt i needed to talk to other people with ms.

Well it has been 2 years of no real change until recently when my mobility has changed considerably, if i have to walk for more than 50metres i need to use a stick as a general rule of thumb.

Also i have noticed a big change in my eyesight (i was diagnosed with Optic Nueritis at 21ysr old),

I also get scatchy/pins and needles down the front of my arms, is this normal?

Recently i have been suffering with lower leg and foot cramps, it only affects the front of my legs and top of my feet and it is absolute agony.

Has anyone else suffered with this ?

I am sorry for going on a bit but it is good to talk to people who can give me an honest answer to what is going on, and any advise that may help.

I am waiting now for my next visit to the hospital to see the docs again, not until August though.

Hi Mdicker and welcome to the board .

You don’t say what type of MS you are dx with, is it RRMS? If so, it sounds like you are possibly having a relapse (I’m PPMS so others on here will advise you better). What I would suggest is that you contact neuro or contact MS nurse (if lucky enough to have one) and see if they can move that appointment forward. Explain how much your symptoms have changed - mobility, pain and eyesight etc.

There may be medication that can help with your symptoms and there are certainly med’s that can help with the pain and cramps. The scratchy/pins and needles is ‘normal for MS’, but again there are med’s that may help a bit.

I’m sorry things have changed. Trouble with MS is it’s so unpredictable. Even if you have a progressive MS things can fluctuate considerably.

This is a good place for advice, support and friendship, and just to know you are not alone.

Good luck and get on the phone to neuro asap.

Pat x

Thanks Pat and Mel

It is RRMS, although things are not going away they seem to be staying and getting worse now.

I will contact my ms nurse if i can! and perhaps see if my GP can push to move my neuro appointment forward.

I am currently taking pregabalin and baclofen and something i can’t remember.


keep smiling xx

Mdicker, have a read of this (from this site) about RRMS. A relapse can last some time and some time:

Hope things improve soon. See GP about increasing dosage of med’s.

Take care,

Pat x YES keep smiling xx

Some time and some time?

Sorry… my brain is seriously challenged…

Pat x

I agree it sounds like a replapse. I had a relapse that started last June and I am still having symptoms, though they have improved over time. I would definitely keep in touch with your GP, MS nurse and Neurologist as much as possible, I had great support and a wealth of information and support from mine which I find very reasurring.

hello again, just an update

Hope all of you are having a good day.

I have had a word with my ms nurse and i have an appointment with my GP tomorrow, to up my dosage on the pregabalin and baclofen

Hopefully this will improve things.

Take care

Mark xx