new/changed symptoms


I am undiagnosed and wondering about new/changed symptoms.

I had my first symptoms a year ago.Pins and needles eventually all over , ms hug which went after 10 weeks but I am left with burning and tightness in my hands and fatigue like you would not ordination is dodgy and i had a tight feeling of being wrapped in cellophane around my arms. Since marchish this has changed to feeling like i’ve hit my funny bones on both arms (ouch - I preferred the wrapped feeling) legs have joined in the party too with the same kind of pain, my hands still feel burnt and soles of my feet feel burnt too. I have a pain in my right heel that gets worse as the day goes on and exhaustion sets in and i feel like im walking on a slope.I can manage to walk a straight line a very short distance but the concentration to continue i find very hard.somtimes my vision feels like 3D and depth of field perception is completely out. now i sound like a hypercondriac so to round it off i also have bladder problems.

since all my body was involved to start with wondered if this is new symptoms. I had mris last year that showed a couple of lesions on left frontal lobe and an area of activity in my neck.I had a lp which showed the presence of o bands.although my symptoms never went completely they improved. ms hug did go thankfully.i had a dx of probable ms. would these symptoms be classified as a change or new symptoms? the dr i saw said i didnt fit for rrms . i want to know whats wrong with me so i can get a grip and deal with it. not knowing is like always believing i may wake up and be back to my old self again

please help

I too am undiagnosed, so can sympathise with you. the pain in your arms and legs sound similar to mine, whihc too started with pins and needles.

I had problems with my vision. so saw the optician who was great and referred me to the eye hospital.

Maybe its time for you to see the gp again for another referral>?

Hoping you feeling better soon

Have you got an ms nurse you could chat with?

If not I would suggest you ring your neuros secretary,even if he doesnt then want to see you again it will be recorded the new symptoms have appeared.

Make sure you keep a diary of how and things happen,which is a better way of showing if things do relapse/remit,much more clearly than vague recollections when you are actually sitting with him.

Are you getting meds to help with symptoms? my burning which I agree is a vile pain is only controlled with Gabapentin and amitriptyline,and when that is held at bay it does make the getting on with life in general far easier.

Take care


I think you need to see your neuro again. It’s been a while and things have changed so it seems best.

If the neuro discharged you last year, your GP can refer you to him again or to someone new (check out the “Near me” function on here to get names). If you’re happy to see the same neuro and you weren’t discharged, you can try calling his secretary as pip suggested. If the secretary isn’t helpful, go the GP route.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Karen x