Symptoms all over the place

Hi everyone,

I am finding this forum really useful and supportive, so thanks for that.

I am yet to be diagnosed with anything and am under investigation.

I have been unwell for approx 7 weeks. What I am finding most disconcerting and stressful at the moment is that the symptoms I am experiencing are in so many different places in my body and seem to be taking it in turns to affect me, 1 or 2 at a time. When I think something has improved or resolved, it comes back in the same place. Some of the things I have experienced are altered vision (in my opinion anyway, tests so far have not found a problem), numbness in lower legs, numbness in toes on one foot except the big toe, weakness in arm after little use, hot feet, hot patches on other parts of body, short headaches, prickling sensation in top of big toe, tingling in cheek,wet sensations on face, cramp in thigh or calf, numbness in finger pads, pain in wrist, tremors in certain fingers. As I said I am only experiencing a couple of these symptoms at anyone time however this situation has now been constant for almost 2 months. I have lost confidence and independence as I’m worried about which symptom will come on if I am out on my own etc. Have others experienced this ?

Anyway, thanks for listening.

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Perhaps you are understating your symptoms but what you describe doesn’t sound very disabling. Do you have any problems that limit your movements, senses, or activities?

I understand that unexplained sensations can be worrying, but in the absence of a major ailment or disorder you are anxious that these symptoms are signs of MS.

Has a consultant told you that you might have MS ?

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I’m a bit confused too. You say you have symptoms all over the place. Are you concerned that these may be caused by MS? How long do symptoms stay in one place for? You’ve said the various sensory problems have been around for about 7 weeks. Has any one symptom been there all along? What might be a good idea is to start keeping a diary of your symptoms. Note what happens, when it begins and when it stops affecting you in that place. You could then think about taking your list of symptoms, with a bit more idea about what is happening and when, to your GP and see what they think. If they believe there is a neurological basis to the symptoms, or that perhaps you’d benefit by having a neurological exam and maybe tests to explore what is going on with you. Sue

Hi there,

My symptoms are very similar to the ones you describe. I’ve got an appointment this week to get results of VEP and lumbar puncture back so will hopefully know a bit more by the end of the week! What investigations have you had so far?

Hi, I have had brain MRI and physical exams. Good luck with your appointment hope you get on ok. How long have your individual symptoms lasted for? Have you ever had anything like this before?

Take care

Hi, thanks for replying sorry for the confusion. Good idea for the diary. The only symptom there for the whole 7 ish weeks is the perceived visual distortion (sometimes more noticeable than others, perhaps depending on how distracted I am from it) and a sense of not quite being fully here. Take care

Have you had the results of your MRI yet?

Hi Anonymous,

My first symptom, shooting pains in big toe, was at the start of December, and then when I started getting burning pains across my back a few weeks later. I’ve had more symptoms since then, and have had an MRI which showed inflammation in the spine and a lesion on the brain. Lumbar and VEP were both normal which is good but have been given a diagnosis of a clinically isolated syndrome for the moment and have a repeat MRI in the summer to look for any changes. Did your MRI scan show up anything? How are things now?