Understanding ms symptoms

I’m undiagnosed and on the long waiting list to be seen by neuology but I’m confused about symptoms.
I’m hoping it’s aniexty but not sure as im in a much better place then I was 3 weeks ago when I asked to be referred.

Symptoms seem to change weekly. Gone from numbess/tingling in hands and feet and weakness in left arm/leg. Had this on and off over the last year but this time it’s stayed longer. Then I had a week of a painful R foot and numb toes on my L foot. Burning hands. Then changed into spine tingling and a numb bum to now my ham string muscles are tight (more on my R side). Weird sensation in joints but not painful.
I have cold sensations over my body. Different times of the day I get different symptoms. Just wanting to understand it more as seeing a specialist is a long way away still. Is this a normal thing for people with ms?

I’ve not lost the feeling in any limbs or struggling with balance. I do get blurred vision on different days not my eyes have been checked and are fine.


Hi bridget_jones21

If you are not already doing so, start keeping a symptom diary. Note date, time, duration of symptom along with notes of what else was happening at the time, immediately before/after. ie. 12th of x, x pm, hot shower - felt x, y, z afterwards for x minutes etc.

You will start to get a better knowledge of whether or not certain things/events trigger symptoms or if they happen completely out of the blue.

This is also very useful to be able to pinpoint a short-list of say 5 of the most aggravating symptoms you have for when you get to see the neurologist.

Whilst you are waiting on the neuro appointment, take a look at mindfulness meditation as a means of helping with anxiety.

They may be MS symptoms, yes. You may be having a relapse. I have experienced similar symptoms. Try to update your GP.