Just wanted to go know if people had similar symptoms. I want to go back the gp next week with as much knowledge as possible.

At at the end of October (2014) I started getting nasty fatigue which made work very difficult, alongside pains in my legs and joints and pins and needles and burning, also in my legs. After about five weeks however the worst of the symptoms seemed to have gone away. Thins were pretty much back to normal including being able to go running again

however in th week between Xmas and new year I started to get major fatigue again. I also got fairly severe pain in my neck and shoulders and pins and needles and burning sensations in my feet and legs.

A couple of weeks after that I started to get problems with my bladder, feeling like I needed the loo every half hour but then only being produce a small amount of urine. Soon as I had been it felt like I needed to go again. At this time also started to get problems with erectile dysfunction.

In the last week or so the burning and tingling has got significantly worse and is now affecting my hands as well as my feet and legs. Other symptoms including fatigue remain although get better and then worse again over a period of days.

I last saw the gp about two weeks ago. She felt the symptoms were a relapse of chronic fatigue I had ten years ago. She did not think it was ms or a neurological condition as I asked her directly. It feels very very different however from when I had chronic fatigue. Then the fatigue was similar but I never had the bladder / sexual problems or the burning and tingling.

Some me of my symptoms do sound a lot like ms from what I have read. Any thoughts would be much appreciated before I go back to these gp next week. Been off work since the start of Jan.

Many Thanks


Hi Andrew, I think you should ask your GP to refer you to a neuro for some tests. Some of your symptoms could perhaps point to MS, but they could point to many other things too, only a neuro could give you any answers & then only after lots of tests. MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose, so be prepared for a long path ahead.

Good luck

Rosina x

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im new here and yet to get to the bottom of my 3 year struggle with different symptoms. i am finally getting somewhere since being referred to a neurologist and now waiting for a mri scan. my first symptom 3 years ago was extreme pins and needles in my arms and hands so they done carpal tunnel surgery on both hands then my mobility went downhill and i was suffering with pain in joints and numbness only then to be told i had gca and polymyalgia so was put on steroids for 10 months. now finally they suspect ms.

so my advice is yes push to be referred to a neurologist.

Good luck

tammie x