Possible MS symptoms? Pls help

Hi everyone. I know you can’t give me a diagnosis or medical advice but I wondered if I could share with you the symptoms I have been living with and tell me whether it sounds like symptoms you have had and whether it could be MS. I’m a 31 yo mum of two and for the last 10 years I have had bouts of intense itchiness for no reason - mainly my legs at night. No reason for this has been found and continues to this day. For 10 years I have suffered with sciatica also.

More recently say the last 10 months, things have changed dramatically for me. Namely, I came on with extreme fatigue after splitting with my husband (going through divorce now) and having my gallbladder removed. I cannot do the normal things I used to, am short of breath easily, sometimes can not even play a video game with my son as my hands and arm muscles become too tired. I have constant back and neck pain now (no sciatica anymore) and MRI for spinal damage came back clear. I have also been getting random pains, sharp stabbing pains and numbness and tingling in toes and fingers which goes after a short while. sometimes I become extremely cold and tired and my skin feels super sensitive.

I seem to be more sensitive to temperature now and do not do well in the heat. I also get headaches and tinnitus and lose hearing/get fullness in my left ear (no reason found).

In the last 10 months my sex drive has disappeared and my partner commented I am less wet as well, the sensation does not seem to be as strong anymore.

My body feels so stiff all the time. My legs are so tired I sometimes need to be carried up to bed at night. I have also become a lot more forgetful and less focussed and get shaky hands and sometimes my mouth slightly droops when I am talking.

I have had all the bloodwork etc done and they cannot seem to find the problem.

I have an appointment with a neurologist in September. My gp says it can’t be MS as it isn’t always on one side of my body. Do any of my symptoms sound like how yours started? Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for your answers

hi greentea

it is such a varied disease and we are a varied group of people so giving you details of my own experience won’t do much good.

it is good that you are seeing a neuro in september.

your gp means well but gps don’t have specialist knowledge.

ask what your neuro specialises in (via your gp).

they all have a specialism.

mine was an epilepsy specialist.

he referred me onto an ms specialist.

wait patiently for your appointment and spend some time writing down your symptoms.

also any questions you want to ask.

take a trusted friend with you to nudge you into asking your questions and to remember what was said.

carole x


Carole is so right; here will give you an idea of the Diagnosis procedure;

I mention this as MS can cause headaches, but is not a predominant symptom. See a ccompla3int that mimics MS symptoms but can cause very bad headaches.

Good luck