Is it MS?

Hey everyone I don’t really know where to start. I’m a 20yr old woman, who has been experiencing symptoms for 7months now and have had a blood test and pelvic ultrasound and the doctors haven’t found anything abnormal. My symptoms have been; persistent pins and needles, pain in my pelvic abdominal area and chest, muscle spasms in my arms and legs, a persistent twich in my right lower lid. I just don’t know what to do now? Doctors have said I’m fine and to wait to see if they go away but after 7 months it’s becoming too much, any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thankyou!


How long has it been since they said to wait and see if they go away? If you have waited for some time and the symptoms are still there then it’s obviously time to go back and see what further tests they can do. Try not to worry too much, when you put these sorts of symptoms into google it almost always comes up with MS but there are many other conditions that have similar symptoms. Best to go back to the doctors and let them do some more tests.

Tracey x


I agree with Tracey, it’s time to go back to the GP and start getting some answers. You know your body better than any doctor ever could, so if you feel something is getting worse then you need to insist (politely but firmly) they start helping you.

Good luck

Laura :slight_smile:

Two months since I last went I’ve been backwards and forwards for months. Thankyou I’m just feeling very scared about it. :confused:

Hello All, This is first post. Just feel a bit up in the air. Am 73. Concerned about LOMS? In May this year woke up with left leg feeling slightly numb and weak slightly giddy Definitely off balance. Sent by doc to hospital with suspected mild stroke MRI ok. Three weeks later nothing had changed but lost hearing partly in left ear and leg became worse. Another MRI, nothing discovered. Early October same thing happened with ear.Leg worsened.Steroids seemed to help with ear. Ear specialist said it was not infection and it was a whole body problem. Also indigestion problems and gripping feeling that comes and goes at top of and behind left ribs. My very understanding woman doctor now says “it could be MS” I have had a good life and am reasonably sanguine about things but would like to know what other people think. Just getting this off my chest has been a help so thank you.Savannah