Possible MS??

Hi All,
Just wondering if my symptoms sound like possible MS to anyone, any opinion is helpful. About 8 weeks ago i was out with my partner and little one when out of nowhere both my thighs cramped on me and i couldn’t move luckily there was a vent in front of me that my partner helped me ro to sit down. The cramp lasted about a minute or so and finally passed, when i got off the bench my legs were very sore almost like i did 300 squats. They remained sore for a couple days and after that i felt normal. A week later i woke up got dressed and went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, while walking around the store i had a strange feeling in my shoe like something was in it. Once i made it back to my car a took my trainer and sock off and that when i realised my foot felt numb and tingly. I rubbed it a bit to see if it would go away but it never did. After a couple days made a GP appointment for the next week, she thought possible thyriod issues and ordered i did some blood work to check as well as a full blood count. A week later all came back clear with bloods but still had the same issues with left foot so was given a telephone appointment firbthe following Thursday. About a day or so later myvright foot started going numb as well as the tingling. Not only that butvone morning i woke up and couldn’t walk dr sent me to A&E as he feared it was Gillian Barre’. Inspent 2 nights in hospital with know one knowing what was wrong with me. I was discharged as an outpatient but im still having burning, tingling, mild itching and cranps in both feet. I can only walk hop around for about 5 minutes at a time. Occasionally my legs and arms feel achy. I have a MRI for full spine on the 6th of October. Sorry for the long story just feeling really down and looking for possible answers.

Hi Krys. Sorry to hear of your problems. I suppose they could be symptoms of MS but for all I know they could be symptoms of something else. Symptoms of MS are pretty general and non specific- in my case the MRI followed on from optic neuritis .

I’m pretty sure that many on this forum will recognise your experience of anxiety and uncertainty between symptoms and diagnosis.

My sympathies and best wishes to you

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Easy to say, I know but try to wait until you have the MRI result and a conversation with a Neurologist. Have someone with you to make notes. My guy is a brilliant scientist but not very empathetic. I prefer his straight forward non-sentimental approach. Good luck!

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Thank you. :blush: