Could it be ms

Hi just wondering if someone cud give me some advice im 30 yes old and started with this problem just over a year ago i lost all feeling in my right hand side amitted into hospital realeased then a few days later rushed back i as i lost all feeling on left hand side along side with a headache stroke was ruled out on both accounts. Since then ive been experiencing weakness in hands legs and feet burning sensations in legs pins and needles in feet and hands and have vision loss in left eye i have had several lp as neuro doc thinks i have possible ihh as i some times have optic nerve swelling as im also under a opthomoligist have not got full eyesight back since june i have now started with my legs going like lead at night and getting a tightening around my lower torso i had an mri scan on my brain last sept which was normal i have suffered with bladder problems for sometimes now years in fact should i go and see my gp or am i just reading to much into stuff cheers

Hi and welcome. Most of your symptoms sound distressingly familiar to me. I suggest you visit your gp and insist on a neuro referral. Regards David

Im already under a neuro but he is just very dismissive of everything my othomologist suggests ms and that i should have another mri but this time i should have both brain and spine scanned as only had brain last time my visual field tests are not good either . My neuro has reffered me to a neuro othomologist back in june urgently but my appointment isnt until december im suffering again now and have been for 4 days