no diagnosis

Hi Im new here . I have read a lot about MS and am wondering if that is what I have. I feel Im going mad , my doctor has now referred me to Neurology and I hope they help. My symptoms are mainly left sided I feel week in my arm and leg. I have burning in the ball of my foot and stabbing pains on the top that make me wince and cry out. I feel off balance when I walk as if I may topple and I stop and start. I have had a few unexplained falls. I have tingling rather than numbness in left leg and foot. I have cognitive problems so forgetful. leave food cooking . cant find the word for something most recent ,watering can! could not remember what it was. I suffer trigeminal neuralgia left side . I have i.b.s and sometimes cannot hold my urine. these symptoms have been troubling for over a year and I feel they are getting worse. I can not remember a lot of my symptoms. I had vision problems some years ago but was told they were abnormal blood vessels behind my left eye that bled and blocked my vision. I get pain behind my left eye and forhead and lately i have had a trembling feeling in my chin. In 2008 i was told i had fibro myalgia when i had the weakness in my arms. but i don not have widespread pain and nothing else has been ruled out. I feel that as soon as i say fibro myalgia my doctor says well thats it then. but i dont feel my sympoms are matching fibro. Any advice . can I ask for an mri and does it sound like MS to you. I feel like im going mad and no one is listening cos they just say fibro. but I was told that over the table at a ten minute gp appointment .