confused, but that's easily done

hi, when i saw my neuroligist last week, i was told i had possilble ms.i would need a further attack or a changed mri to confirm it.i've not had a day free of symptoms in about 3 months and these have changed over time from pins and needles all over, dizzy, burning pain, stiffnes in my fingers to the point it felt like they'd snap if i tried to bend them, the tightest corset feeling on my torso, flashing light, the feeling of being bitten by ants, i really sound like a will i ever know if things have changed when some days things are better than others?


Hi Lynn


No you don't sound like a hypochondric.  You sound rather like me when I was part way to a Dx of MS!  Diffrent symptoms but same overall WTF experienceconfused

I would keep a symptom log/diary which you can take to the neuro and read out to him your findings.  It helped with me.  What he is waiting for is for something obviously different from the symptoms you first presented with.  In my case I had eye problems and then got mobility issues.  That was 2 events 'seperate in time and space' (and when the neuro started talking like that I looked for his Tardis!happy)  Seperate in time (2/3 months apart); seperate in space (eyes/legs).

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Hi Lynn.


It can be horribly confusing :-(


Tbh, all I can say is that if you have RRMS (which is by far the most common form of MS), then these symptoms will wear off. I know 3 months seems like a very long time, but sometimes relapses last longer. Gradually, your pins & needles and burning etc will get a bit better and then one day you'll wake up and think, "OMG! I feel better!" OK, you might not be completely better, but it will be very much better than now.


If en route to this recovery something completely new starts OR if after you've recovered, something new starts, then it'll be a new relapse and you should get yourself back to the neuro.  


My relapses typically last 3-4 months, so if you're anything like me, you might start to feel better any day now. Here's hoping happy2


Karen x

Thanks or the replies. here's hoping it goes soon. x