Some questions!?

I have had on going symptoms for about a year now, loss of balance, weakness been falling alot, stiffness in hands and legs my last gp was not much help new one refered me to neuro after all bloods were normal, neuro is looking at my referal this week not sure how long until i get an appointment, been under a eye specialist since september can’t concentrate and tired all the time and bladder/bowel problems i am coping but it is hard needing to make adaptions to house due to bad mobility my sight is not good so forgive for any spelling mistakes.

What i want to know is does the balance/walking get better and the eye problems once you get the right medication i got every sympthom of ms but it just started a year ago ive seen people only have them last a few months but mines been on going over a year i just hope someone who has had it this long can relate as i have not been out of the house since jan/feb and only for hospital and doctors appointments my question is does medication improve it specially my mobility part as that is the worse right now.

Thank you for all replies much appriciated :slight_smile:

Hi Alysea,

I have the same type of Symptoms as you! Am waiting on getting a Diagnosis to MS.

I have been ruled out from a Stroke and Parkinsons all in 2013.

I feel tired 24/7, the tremors I have are really sore, I have to walk with a walking aid. On which I have got myself a motorised scooter to get me out on really bad days, on which are coming regular over these last few months.

Take care Jx

Yeah i use crutches to walk and even had fallen alot just in house, i will get a scooter if i have the disease which i think i do the eye specialist is convinced i have a auto immune disease but so far all tests came back normal just a year is along time to be like this and others seem to come and go wish mine would :frowning: pretty much house/bed bound atm thanks for replies.

If you ever need a chat, talk things over, just send me a message…if I can help with advice then I will…