Muscle Weakness

Hi I’m new to this site but just wanted to know if anyone else feels muscle weakness whilst walking upstairs? Is this an MS symptom or me just being lazy? I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS.

Hi there,

Very common, I’m afraid, and not always confined just to walking upstairs. :frowning: You could try physio - you can be prescribed exercises to try to improve and preserve your strength. A specialist neuro physio is better, because they understand it’s NOT laziness, and that your instructions to your muscles can’t always get through properly.


Hi, yeh, mostly likely due to the MS.

Anitra`s suggestion of trying physio is a good one.

luv POllx

Thank you, I’ll see if there are any neuro physio’s near where I live. It’s good to know that there are people out there that understand. xxx

Hi! I get “shocks” particulaly in my left leg, as well. Very disturbing but very MS. Ive been seeing neuro physio for a while now & things did get better. unfortunately my battle is with drugs side effects at mo, so not been well enough to go, but they do help. Hope you get sorted out Tracey xx

Hello RWoodfine,

Yup, I agree with Anitra, go to a neurophysio. Exercises will not stop the inevitable progression but could make your life easier. Also get to see an MS nurse and an MS Neurologist. There are drugs available that can help with RRMS, I think it is a bit of a postcode lottery and who your neurologist is.

Just don’t give up. You can always take a look at my website,, it might help.

Good luck.


Thanks guys, this is very helpful.

I’ll take a look at your website. :slight_smile: