Will my reflexes ever g back to normal?

Hi all,

I’m really new here. I only got the results from my MRI back today which show lesions typical for MS in my upper spine. I haven’t seen a neurologist, yet, and no idea when I’ll see one. My main symptoms are that my leg reflexes are off (too brisk in the right leg) and, as a result, I can’t walk poroperly. As a result, I’ve been struggling with back pain and muscle weakness in my left thigh. However, I have been training my left thigh religiously for the past months, so technically, the muscle should be strong enough (at least if I were healthy), so the reflexes are the main issue.

I now have 2 questions: will my reflexes ever go back to normal or do I need to get used to this? And is problems building up muscle normal for MS?

I’m sorry if these are silly questions, but I’m still pretty freaked out. I’m only 29, so not being able to walk properly seems surreal.

Thank you so much for any responses.



Hi Mareike, and welcome to the forum…

It’s obviously a very scary time for you and I hope coming on here and reading more about MS is helping… at least by knowing you are not alone.

Vast majority of people with MS have ‘relapsing remitting’ MS… called RRMS. This means that symptoms come when there is a relapse, and go again when in remission. Take a look at the bit on this website called ‘What is MS’.

It does mean that your reflexes may settle down again. Unfortunately MS is pretty unpredictable and some symptoms can hang around. However there are some good drugs for RRMS and when you see the neurologist, and IF you get a diagnosis of MS, they will prescribe something to help.

I’m not sure about the muscle question… but exercise can’t be doing any harm. Just make sure that you stop when you get tired… pace yourself carefully. Fatigue is one of the worst symptoms with MS and overdoing it and being hot can make you very tired indeed.

I know the idea of MS is very scary… but you know for most people with MS life can be fairly normal… work, sex, relationships, travel… etc etc. Sometimes adjustments have to me made but these do not stop your life or your enjoyment of life.

Even those of us who are more impacted by MS life can still be good and full.

Why have you not got an appointment with the neurologist to talk about the MRI results? You really need to see the neurologist. Phone for an appointment or see your GP.

Hope this helps. This is a great forum for support, advice and friendship and helps you to realise that life with MS is NOT the end of the world.

Best wishes,

Pat x

Thank you so much for your support! I think they had the scans first to see if it’s neurological in the first place. I live in a pretty remote area in Wales and the next neurologist is 1 1/2 hours away, so apparently scheduling appointments is a bit more difficult (I’m applying for jobs in different places, so this should not be a long-term problem). I’m hoping to see the neurologist today…

Thanks so much, Pat!


Hi there, I have been wondering the same question myself. Lesions in the spinal cord tend to cause problems with the legs. usually starts with weakness and can develop into spasticity. It is spasticity that can cause problems with walking as opposed to brisk reflexes. I had an MRI in 2011 which showed a single lesion in the cervical (neck area) spinal cord. My main issue is spasticity in right calf and quad. The lesion was still there is 2012 and my most recent scan the lesion was gone and my MRI was technically clear. Unfortunately I still have the spasticity and have been told that I must have incurred some residual damage. I often wonder if the muscles have forgotten how to work exactly. I go to the gym most days and exercise the leg and it has definately regained strength but spasticity is still there. The neuro says that my strength has improved and my reflexes are not as weak as they were. I have been told that I dont have MS but have suffered from some sort of inflammatory attack of the spinal cord. This I believe happened in 2008 after an attack of numbess/weakness etc. But the spasticity only started to appear several months after I had essentially recovered from the attack.

I am hoping to try botox for the muscles.


Moyna x