Leg Issues

Hello All,

I was recently diagnosed with MS after issues that started in April/May last year. My question to all today is about my legs. I have been diagnosed as having RRMS but my legs have continuously got worse since this all started. At first I was still able to run around but after a short time my legs would turn to jelly and I took a couple of falls in public places. Gradually it has got to the point where I cant walk for 20 mins without them giving way, i cannot walk in a straight line and quite often my right leg will just buckle when standing. Since being diagnosed i have seen physio and am doing the daily execises (for the last 2 weeks) but my reason for the post today is this:

Realistically is it only going to get worse or will these exercises actually have an effect?

The jist I get from everyone is if I do these exercises then i will stay at the level I am at which for me does not sound great at all. I know a day out now requires a wheelchair but the feeling I have is that if it progresses the same way it has the last 6 months i could end up in one permanently. i know may other sufferers are already at the stage but I guess i’m just looking for hope that it can get just a little better?


I cannot tell you what will happen. I myself have been fairly lucky so far (4.5 years in from diagnosis, but probably had it many years before that).

I cannot promise you that exercise will restore lost function. I have found I am able to increase both strength and endurance with practice (and it ebbs away quickly again if I stop) - however, I do not consider myself seriously affected, on the possible scale of things, so wouldn’t like to promise that the same is achievable by everyone.

What I do believe, though, is that even if you do not experience any obvious improvement, you will almost certainly retain better function than if you didn’t do it.

I know it’s pretty grim to work really hard just to stay as you are.

I remember myself how it used to be so easy to get fit quickly - just a fortnight, and I’d already begin to see and feel the difference. It’s hard when you don’t get that reward. But I think you just have to keep telling yourself the rewards are still there - just not as obvious. You are still better than if you didn’t bother.


Hi do you have spasticity or drop foot. Baclofen can help with the spasticity. It can also take some time to recover completely from a relapse. How did the attack effect you last year in April/May ?

Have you started treatment yet as DMDs or steriods as those can help to recover more from a relapse.

I find exercise helps me to stay stable but no to recover what has been lost for good. If you have only had problems for a short time then I think things are more likely to improve.

Moyna xxx


I have had problems with my legs since May last year. My ms nurse put me on the waiting list for physio in the July.

In the October i had a chest infection which triggered another relapse. This time it has really effected my legs especially my left leg.

I started physio at the end of October which has helped me gain more control of my legs.

I am still struggling walking and i use a stick but i feel i would be a lot worse if i hadn’t had the physio.

Just keep working with your physio and doing your exercises.

The worst thing i find is everyone telling me only time will tell if i am going to recover to the level i was before my last relapse.

I haven’t improved yet and i am now in my 5th month since the relapse.

I was Dx with SPMS and wvasn’t slowly getting worse but the Physio was never forthcoming. Then I moved to another county and was given physio every week. It hasn’t made me better but my legs are stronger which in turn makes me feel better. I have also bought a foot pedal bike which has also helped.

so keep doing the exercises daily and it won’ undo what’s done but it will makes you stronger.

good luck