Leg reflex absent!


My Neurologist did another physical exam recently and reported that my leg reflexes are absent.

That’s from the tapping the knee thing they do.

My walking has gone to dung and I’m having what I presume is a relapse, or things are getting worse!

Anyone else had this during a physical?

My consultant has always explained to me that someone with MS would show over active reflexes.

If I slightly tap any of my knee reflexes my leg almost takes off and kicks right out.

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My MS Nurse says over active or absent reflexes can show in people with MS.

Jan x

Thanks for the replies

I must admit i was a little unsure of the implications, the rest of my symptoms are fairly typical but still undiagnosed as yet.

I’ve seen the Neuro three times now and the next MRI will be my third specific one ( 7 in total due to Trigeminal Neuralgia complication.

I have brain lesions but not spine, and my LP came back negative so that threw a spanner in the works as far as helping diagnosis.

It was the Neuro surgeon who first spotted lesions and sent me down this path but my consultant is not committing just yet and is more in the information gathering process.

Im sure we will find something out in the end

I have over active reflexes. When I had my reflexes tested both of my legs shot in the air!

I had “odd” symptoms going on for many years before finding out I had MS.

I even had MRI scans that came back “clear”, and my symptoms were put down to carpel tunnel for the altered sensation in my hands and a trapped nerve for the weakness in my legs and pins & needles in my feet, it wasn’t until around 7 years later when things got worse and I saw a second Neuro who decided to look at my old “clear” MRI scans from years ago and spotted something that the original neuro missed, that is when the MS ball started rolling.

Apparently there were lesions showing in my spine on the original MRI scans !!

New scans were arranged along with a lumbar punch to confirm MS.

When it was confirmed that all my symptoms from many years ago were the start of my MS I’ve often wondered if I might of had a case for negligence against the original neuro who clearly missed the signs on the original MRI scans.

But then I thought, what could he have done anyway ???

The second neuro spotted these lesions within minutes of looking at the old scans.

I was diagnosed after a second relapse even though the spinal tap was negative due to increased lesions. Has there been any changes in the amount of lesions on your brain? they don’t have to be on your spine for it to be MS, it just affects you differently I believe.

Mine are absent and have been for a number of years. Prior to that they were overactive. No spinal lesions.