Reflex enquirey.

Hi just a quick question for those with MS, at a recent appointment with a professor he made a statement that now has me curious, apparently I cant have MS because MS does not cause you to lose your reflexes. Not in the least medically qualified but if your losing all feeling in your legs and feet then the reflexes would also be affected. Or is it physically possible to lose all feeling but not the reflex?

Five years ago noticed loss of feeling in patches then spasticity in one foot and gradual loss of feeling continuing have not been able to walk without pain for the last five years. Nerve conduction tests have shown issues with both legs with long standing nerve damage.

Mulitiple lesions on MRI have been put down to old age, was 47 at time of MRI. Positive VEP, negative LP, although I do not have faith in medical professionals as I was told on first result from MRI that it was clear and was not told there were issues until two years later with another professor.

To many other symptoms to go into, I would just like to know if there are others with MS who have also lost reflexes? I have lost reflex on both ankles and one knee with the other knee now having a brisk reflex. Thanks.

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Hi Deb, thought I send you a reply, so to bump up your post. Also because i would like to see other replies you get.

I dont have MS, but another neurological condition.

I have no mobility and my reflexes are brisk. I have some numb patches at the tops of my legs. The rest of my leg areas have over sensivity to touch and can be painful. I also get pins and needles, spasticity and spasms.

Dunno if any of this helps at all.

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