Good evening all. I am just after a bit of advice…again! To re-cap, undiagnosed at the mo…MRI head showed several lesions in the brain,spinal MRI unclear due to spinal surgery many years ago. One neuro said yes this is MS, then he left and another took over the care and is not so sure. In a recent letter to my GP she wrote; left shoulder abduction was grade 4/5 and incomplete. Left hip flexion was grade 3, left ankle dorsiflexion, hallux dorsiflexion and planter flexion were all grade 0/1 ( I know I have foot drop this side is this just a posh way of saying this) both ankle jerks absent. there was a tendency to hold the foot in inversion. Sensory level at about T7 up her back with a pin. Both neuros do agree that spinal surgery would not be accountable for my current problems. I have visual loss (field vision and 3d) along with lots of sensory changes, bladder probs, balance, pain, odd vibrations, virtigo and the usual culprits. Recommends diazepam for contractions and spasms At T 5 level (MS hug that I get??? ) tramadol and amitriptlyn for pain and neuropathic pain/ sensations. Any idea what this means? Many thanks to you all. Hope this makes sense Ppx

Hi Polly, I don’t know whether the grades ae checking for range of motion or strength. With MS you get an upper motor neuron problem which tends to give exaggerated reflexes, a positive babinski sign, spasticity and weakness.

She’s put you on some strong meds though. Diazepam tramadol and amitriptyline will knock you out so increase the dose slowly.

If you have various lesions on MRI, vision loss etc I can’t see why you haven’t got a diagnosis. When was your last MRI ? Have further MRI’s been done to compare and to see if more lesions have developed?

Jacqui x

Hi Jaqui, Thanks for your reply. I think it was testing strength, as I have weakness in both legs and arms though left side appears weaker than right. I was told verbally that knee reflexes were “rather brisk” but this did not appear on letter to GP. My last MRI brain was about 18 months ago. It has not been repeated. She (neuro) said to me “this could be MS or another neuro degenerative disease, but there is no treatment so. We will just wait and watch” now to me that is not accurate or good enough. Maybe I need to seek a second opinion? Take care Ppx