Exaggerated knee reflex

Hi, I’m not diagnosed with ms but wanted some advice if possible please?
After getting some strange things happening to me I went to see gp.
He did some reflex tests and he said my left knee was severely exaggerating with the one tap.
I’ve looked on Google to see if it can be anything else but ms, but can’t find anything?
Dr suggested it could be nerve damage or ms.
Are there any other things that would cause this from happening?

I originally went as Im getting pins and needles down both legs and feet and spells of dizziness and balance problems.
My other question is… If you have a busy day, do you suffer later in day or the next day for it?
I feel I have no stamina. I go to college every Monday and my ankles, feet hurt until the Wednesday. And I feel exhausted.
The same if i have a long day.
Many thanks

You really need to get that diagnosis!

Could be MS but at this stage could be other things. Your GP should be referring you for a Neurology Consult and a Head & Full Spine MRI - don’t take no for an answer!

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I feel like the fatigue/stamina has been an issue for years.
I had clinical depression in my 20’s(the 1st week I was pregnant it started, but didn’t know I was pregnant) which I thought was the reason for the fatigue. But now I’m mentally better I still feel drained. I’ve been a year in college doing 1 day a week getting my hairdressing qualification and I thought by now I would’ve built up stamina to do 1 day and be OK the next day but it’s still exactly the same. Tuesday and Wednesdays I’m exhausted and everything hurts. My feet are on fire all night and twitching legs.
I’m lucky I have great support from family to help with kids.
My whole aim is to work. I don’t want to be on benefits.
I feel like my 20’s I couldn’t work because I couldn’t stop crying or feeling suicidal for no apparent reason. And now thats under control my body is stopping me from living /working.

Thank you for your reply.
Gp has referred me to neurologist and and brain and spinal mri.
He said it could be around 2 year wait for neurologist but mri should be sooner.
Fingers crossed.

I had a similar problem with a long wait for an appointment. Went back to GP and they got me a slot with an adjacent NHS Trust instead. Worth a try…

Spoke to my gp a few days ago. Waiting times for a neurology appointment in our area York / East Yorkshire is well over a year now.

I will try that if I get desperate… Thank you.
I’m staying hopeful that’s its not ms.
They said the mri would be sooner than appointment with neurologist.
Would you know if someone looks at scans before waiting to see neurologist?
If it is ms, will I get help in the meantime before seeing the Dr?
Hope that makes sense…

In anticipation of an MS diagnosis, you could ask your GP to put you on something like Baclofen for the muscle spasms / twitching and perhaps a low dose of gabapentin or amitriptyline / nortriptyline for the neuropathic pain. These aren’t MS drugs per se but are used to treat associated symptoms. I have no MS drugs currently in spite of being diagnosed earlier this year but I do take Baclofen. Tried the other stuff but they turned me into a zombie, so be careful!

As regards scans & diagnosis, apart from trying a referral to a different NHS Trust, the only alternative to accelerate the process would be to go private for the scans and perhaps pay someone to interpret them as well although my MS Nurse said that for treatment you’d get referred back into NHS for meds anyway.

A good analogy would be sat in a motorway tailback at a standstill. You’re in the middle lane when lane 1 or lane 3 starts moving quicker than your lane. Do you swap or sit tight? Most of the time there’s no difference in the progress you make, it’s just ebb & flow. Depressing, really :confounded:

Best of luck, don’t give up :+1:

2 years…where do you live in the middle of the ocean. that is so not right. you should see one way quicker then that even with covid. IMHO.

West Wales…its quite bad down here for waiting times across the board. Orthodontist for Braces, for my son is 5 years! He’ll be 17…doesn’t seem fair either that if you have money for private you can get appointments in a flash.
Where’s Robin Hood when I need him haha…
Thanks for replying x

Thank you so much for your advice.
Hopefully it will get sorted soon

The trouble is there is a huge waiting for this all over the country. most wait is upto anything from six to 2 years. Its a specialist need and i suppose they are rarer then hens teeth lol.

You can go private for this treatment but its about 2 to 6,000. Denistry i think has more people waiting to see one then doctors as teeth and gums over the last 20 years seem to have slid down a mountain, would be interesting to find out why peoples mouths were so bad. I went private for mine had them all out because of an auto immune issue with my gums. they stopped fitting within about 5 months, and cost me 2,000 lol. I decided as no one noticed i wasnt wearing them, i would leave them in their box, and not wore them since. I have very strong gums and can still eat meat lol.

i was under the impression via posters on here that Wales had great medical care with low waiting times. Perhaps in some areas the neuroloigists are moonlighting in sheep farms… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think as the specialists are retiring the younger folk don’t want to move to an area which is rural.

Having a bad day today… I could feel fatigue coming over me last night around 7pm, went to bed with kids. I woke up this morning with what I can only explain as jelly arms and legs. My head feels as if its nodding or twitchy.
I’ve been in bed most of the day, awake but totally drained. Ive eaten, had a shower and still feel unsteady.
Any advice please?
Should I ring gp tomorrow if I’m still the same or do I wait to see if it passes?
Pins and needles seem to have escalated but maybe because I’m laying down more?

if your in the UK many of us will feel like this without MS. The hour going back has caused havoc to me, my animals and my family and friends. It could be that to be truthful. I felt awful yesterday could barely get off the recliner and do anything, and was in bed early and asleep by 6pm.

Only you know how you feel perhaps let your body re adjust itself to the time change?