Several questions

Hi, I just wondered if any of you did OK on the reflex tests (babinski reflex etc) but still turned out to have Ms? Also, question number 2, can anyone describe the fatigue from Ms for me? My symptoms sound quite similar to m.e/cfs as well, since apparently pins and needles etc can also be a symptom for cfs. I feel so fatigued I can barely stand and every movement is like walking through treacle, the thought of getting up and making dinner is laughable. But it isn’t all the time? I always feel relatively tired, although often it is more a weariness, a sort of ‘I can’t move a muscle’ than a sleepy tiredness. But some days it is an exhaustion, not necessarily all day though. But not every day, some days it is just tiredness rather than utter exhaustion. Does this sound like ms fatigue or not? Also can joint and bone pain be a sign? (again another possible cfs sign! As apparently is muscle tightness!). If it is common, would it be unusual for that to be in the extremities? It seems a lot of people refer to neck and shoulder pain on here so am guessing that is more normal. And finally how long after the neurologist appointment did your mri take place? Or did you even get referred for one or was it a longer fight? Were they able to then give you a pretty likely diagnosis or did it take a lot longer? Many thanks for any replies.


we all have different experiences of ms.

we also have different paths to diagnosis.

have you seen your GP?

if not, then do so asap and ask for a referral to neurology.

the neurologist is the one who can order the MRI and give you the results about 8 weeks later.

as you are aware there are other possible reasons for your symptoms.

my first symptoms was pins and needles in my right foot.

we can’t say whether or not your symptoms are MS but your GP is absolutely the right person to see.


MS fatigue:

Re reflex tests, I assume you’ve seen a neurologist and had a physical examination which seemed to show that what ails you is not neurological, or possibly not MS. I think (this is not definitive, just an opinion) that a neurologist can ascertain some things from a physical exam, including reflex tests, balance, Babinski, eye movements, etc.

If a neurologist doesn’t think you have a neurological condition, then they won’t refer you for MRI.

Other than that, Carole is absolutely right, we all experience MS differently. So what you have could be ME, CFS, MS, Fibromyalgia, or something completely different. It’s a case of trusting the doctors and going back to your GP if necessary.


It’s something like PIPs my niece had one and she failed because she wasn’t sweating she has anxiety and depression, and she has her good days and her bad. The jobcentre said to go back to the doctor and get a sicknote. She went just before the appointment and her meds were increased.