Leg weakness

hi, I’m sorry for posting only when I’m having problems or have a question. I have no one else to ask.

a few months ago I tried to go jogging with my daughter and although I felt wobbling I kept trying and stopped and walked each time I got out of breath (I’m no saying I even managed 1/4 mile). Yesterday I tried to jog and collapse in a heap on the first steps, picked myself up and thought, unlucky and tried again and again my legs gave way. I can still walk a mile or so slowly but I feel like I’m losing strength even though I walk everyday. My arms and hands have the most problems and I have noticed that even though I use them and lift things everyday they are getting weaker.i find it hard to understand that you can lose strength( muscle) even though I’m still using those muscles. How can I build muscle to stop me getting worse.



Hi Lynn I’m sorry I can’t answer your question but will b interested in what others say as I, too, feel that I’m loosing strength even though I do as much as I can to keep active and exercised.

Hugs, H x

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It sounds like paresis (partial paralysis) common in MS. Often talked about as limbs feeling heavy. Motor nerves are damaged so the signals to that reach the muscles are weaker. So its not the muscles themselves that are weak but the nerve signals. Also, as the nerves are used they get “tired” so you feel weaker but is usually in the time scale of minutes or hours. If its weeks or months it could be a slow relapse. I’d call my MS nurse.

Hope you feel better.


Vithfari’s comments strike a chord with me! I often have a sudden feeling like my legs have turned to lead when going upstairs, good to have a bit of explanation for that!

A decent physio should be able to help you make the most of what you have and will provide an exercise programme that concentrates on areas of weakness. Most MS Therapy Centres have them, if you have one in range.

Sadly, I don’t think it will stop you getting worse, but might slow things down a bit.

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Pilates is good - we all need a good core structure. lt is like adding good scaffolding to keep you upright and strong. A few one-to-one lessons is a good idea before joining a class.

l have started classes - stretch and flex - which is pilates based. Then l do a Tai Chi class. One after the other. ln 4 weeks - l now find l can move away from my rollator in the class and support myself. Still find it difficult to get up from the floor exercises - and l am a bit of a ‘beached whale’ - but each time it is easier - although l do have to stop myself from shouting out - ‘oh look at me’ - or - ’ l have done it’.

Shout in private to the teacher? It must be awesome for someone running a class to see that what they’re teaching is actively helping someone with a disabling disease.

Or just share your happiness with the rest of the class and be damned, spreading the joy is always good. :smiley:

Totally agree - shout it out (or whisper it out). If I could get down on the floor then get off it again, I’d be yelling with joy. It’s why I’m so scared of falling over. Last time it took me & OH about 45 minutes to get up again!