Muscle fatigue

Hello, I’m Natalie and I have relapsing remitting MS, I was just wondering whether anyone has experienced muscle fatigue after exercise as I attempted to jog/walk 5km at the weekend but with 500 meters to go my legs just gave up on me. Luckily I had a friend with me who helped me get to a seat. Once I rested I was able to walk again but is there any exercise I can do to strengthen my muscles? This has also happened before when I went for a long walk with my husband. I would greatly appreciate advice if anyone can help. Many thanks

I try to go cycling which strengths muscles and is good for your balance.

have you got access to a neuro physio therapist - these are the people who can give you good advice.

this is usually to build strength in those particular muscles.

you are obviously used to working out but with ms there’s the fatigue to take into account.

i go to a weekly physio group run by neuro trained assistants.

we do a whole load of stuff with stretchy bands.

you can buy these at a reasonable price online and they come with instructions.

my problem is that the instructions are in tiny print!

if you are a gym member cut down the number of reps and have a break every 10 minutes.

ambition is fine but keep it within the realm of possibility.

good luck - bet you whizz past like the flash!

carole x

Thank you both for your advice, I used to have a bicycle when I was younger but maybe I should invest in another one. I am a gym member but I don’t go as often as I should. I have got a routine appointment next week with my MS nurse so will ask her about neuro physio therapy. Your comments are much appreciated Natalie x