physio and fatigue

Hello everyone, Monday saw me go to my first ms physio class. Various exercises at 2mins each with four levels to boot. During the hour we managed 7 different exercises. This accumulated to 14mins, mostly at a lowly level one for me. However, to say I was exhausted is an understatement. My fatigue and muscle pain was like nothing else on earth. I can’t believe that I once used to run round an a&e dept but now can’t barely manage 14mins of repetative movement. Boooooo to this crappy disease!!! :frowning:

hi vinnygirl

i’ve had a session at the gym with a group of neuro patients and 2 physios, that was yesterday.

today i’ve had hydrotherapy with the same group of neuro patients and 2 other physios.

i know what you mean - i’ve had to redefine my idea of fatigue!

but physio is the only way we can give this crappy disease the finger!!

now i’m watching 3 episodes of coronation street that were recorded.

cuppa and a biscuit and now i’m happy!

carole x

I’ve been going on a cross-trainer (sort of cross-country skiing thing) most days since I read about exercise as a cure for MS fatigue at the beginning of the year. I’m definitely less tired in general than I was (and my feet are no longer cold). But everything is worse just after I’ve been on it - really hard even to walk. I have faith that it’s helping, so I keep doing it.

I’m in the middle of a six week session one to one with Neuro Physio. To be honest I’m finding it hard going, if I do everything he wants me to do it takes me a full day to recover. He was off sick today and the lady replacement I had has told me to reduce the number of repetitions I have been doing and to stagger the exercises throughout the day…Phew that’s a relief !!

When the six weeks has finished I’m to start a Neuro group exercise class, which I’m looking forward to in the hope it encourages me, I’ve never been a fan of exercise, I never did get the adrenaline rush others talk of even when I was fit

Friday I start a fatigue management course held by the same physio I had today, it’s just as well I no longer work (officially retire Dec 23rd) I don’t know how I’d fit it in !! Talking of which I called to the office after physio to hand back my work mobile and other stuff, had lunch with my manager and a colleague which was very nice. I miss the company but quite frankly I don’t miss work one little bit.

Well done all for the classes and gym work, I need the motivation and it good to read of the things others are doing

Jan x

Thank you for all your replies. I’m glad I’m not alone doing exercises with a physio-terrorist!! Hahaha. Keep up the good work everyone :slight_smile: xx Julie xx