physio update

Hi all.

Had my 2nd physio appt today.I have a great and understanding man,who knows bout ms.and the problems,Straight away he got the board out,with the little ball underneath.I watched him,and thought oh god!!! I got on the board,and tried to stand still.Thank god he had his hand on my back.I wobbled all though the exercise,now this was done with my eyes open.He got me to do this with my eyes closed,i thought i was on a ship without the sickness.I tried so hard,to focus,but found it tough.My back of my legs were hurt,but i persisted.THe second exercise i had to pretend i was holding onto the kitchen surface,i had to raise my left knee and hold it in the position for 5,then repeat the other leg, then i had to do that with my eyes closed,haha wobbled. The third exercise i had to lean against a closed door or wall, and try to crouch down as far as i could go.Ok, ive only got to do these once a day.Im seeing the physio in 3 weeks, so hopefully there might be an improvement.

kim x

Atleast your trying kim,good luck with your exercises,

I had physio on my knee a while ago and obviously since having ms i find my balance isnt as it was,

i went to physio today but she said there wasnt much could be done, she didnt show me any fancy excercises :(

but i too notice a big difference when i close my eyes, it hard even to stand on one leg. 

Is this normal?

Should i work on this? 

Doing these excercises with eyes closed to improve balance?

A board... on a ball... scared


Is this what im in for with physio!?? Omg, Im gunna end up with a broken neck!

Hi When I saw the physio she gave me lots of exercises to help with balance. I initially saw her for stiff legs and thought my balance wasn't too bad but when she tested me I found some of the exercises difficult especially the ones with eyes closed. She said lots of people find those hard even people without MS. I tested my hubby and yep he struggled too LOL.

I had too stand by a counter with one foot on floor and one foot off and stand for as long as I could. Then repeat with other leg. Then do the same but with eyes closed.Then the same but looking up and down and side to side. I also had to stand with one foot in front of other foot and look up down etc..

I also did the Wii Fit balance exercises which she recommended- luckily son has a Wii console. These were good fun. I did lots of the exercises every day and did improve my balance.

Blimey! I can't wait for Physio now.... I'm going to call it FIZZY-OH as it will probably be the most exciting trip out that I've had in a while thumbsup

Blimey! I can't wait for Physio now.... I'm going to call it FIZZY-OH as it will probably be the most exciting trip out that I've had in a while thumbsup

Hi ya Kim

I'm in the process of Physio.  I've been doing it on and off since January this year.  They are so nice aren't they?  Infact my last Phyio girl even got me a report and explained it to me from 2nd MRI scan in February and explained it to me  as the consultant didn't have enough time for me and just mumble a few words at a computer screen - with workman drowning out his words of widsom in the 5 mins time slot.

Off for my lastest physio on Tuesday and she is keeping a score card on who she can improve with the consultants and she is currently leading!

Great isn't it?