My balance has taken a bit of a tumble. Now I must always use a rollator or sticks. Problem is that my feet are not connected to my brain so I trip over them. Always risky trying to walk without any support. Always nervous about going down the stairs. Going up is easy apart from foot drop.

Funny things happen like I sit down on a seat and then topple over or if I shift weight from one foot to the other I take a tumble. Any ideas on how to keep the balance going.



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Advice given to me by a neuro-physio was to try standing for a few minutes each day, without holding on to anything.

Not sure if this is possible for you, but I think the theory is that if we always hold to something then the message from the feet to the brain won’t get through properly.

If you are able to do this, then try standing with eyes closed. (be careful!)

Also, she suggested standing in the kitchen and reaching for tins etc - again without holding on.

She did stress that you need to be somewhere safe so that you don’t fall over - perhaps by the kitchen worktop.

Don’t have any advice for sitting balance issues - sorry.

Several Physios have come up with similar exercises when standing.

Feet apart, then move them closer together, then touching.
Then repeat with eyes closed
Then repeat the first two standing on something springy (say two layers of carpet underlay)

For sitting look up a Disc-o-sit cushion (aka wobble cushion). That notion came from a NeuroPhysio. The concept is like the post above - training the brain to respond to small “out-of-balance” messages.

Do these things work? Yes, up to a point. The point is more a matter of having enough control to decide which way you are going to fall (and hopefully be able to grab a support first). I have only had one fall since I started these exercises, and I got half way across the room before the dropped foot dragged me down. My wife found me still holding the (now empty) teacup in one hand, and we have a stained carpet to deal with.


My neurophysio advised an 8 week tai chi course - run at the hospital by the neurophysio team especially for people with MS - my balance has improved and I can keep doing the exercises myself now at home.

If you google tai chi qigong you will find instructions and short videos of the movements on the internet so you could easily have a go at home.


Hi Patrick

I know how you feel. I’m trying to get some balance back over this last year via physio. I might be fighting a loosing battle but I’m certainly gving it ago. I cannot walk without support and combined with less sensitive feet and double vision makes it a tougth one to crack. Oh and also a lesion on the brain that tell left from right adds to the mix.

So it’s off to an eye surgeon in Liverpool who treats MS people to see what he can do next month regarding the double vision part.