Hi folks

I am trying to improve my balance - not to stand on one leg but just to help get me around… I’m also trying to pace myself, don’t laugh - asking toooo much?

I was to hold on to something and try marching on the spot, I couldn’t do it strangely I can do it if I just lift one foot a few inches off the ground. Are you with me or has boredom got you?

I have set the bar VERY low and I just do a little when I feel like What can I say guys have a good weekendM

Hi M, hmmmmmmmmmm can’t see how you can march with one foot off the ground? Wouldn’t you be hopping? Am I missing something…

My physio gave me a good exercise that helped my core balance. I’ll see if I can explain it.

Stand with your legs apart… maybe a foot or so apart. Have something each side of you to hang onto… maybe put chairs there… I have small kitchen so can use kitchen counters each side… knees slightly bent and rock slowly side to side. Put as much weight on each leg as you can as you rock. Hope that makes some sort of sense…

I’ve had a few bad days again and now today not too bad… … but once again it seemed to tie in with the Vitamin D3 supplement. I tried it again on Tuesday. By Tuesday night my MS symptoms were really bad and fatigue through the roof!!! Same yesterday and last night I had a fever.

Searching on internet I did find a few things about people having bad reaction to it, but in general people don’t seem to get any side effects. Typical of me!

YES M hon just do what you can. God knows we deserve a bloody medal for getting out of bed in the morning!!!

Have a good weekend…

Pat x

Hi both

Just do as much as you can M, no point over doing it, only makes

matters worse.

Pat, thanks for the advice, I will try that. I can weight bear somedays,

but not others, so on a good day I’m going to do that. I thought

Tuesday was going to be a good day, landed on my bum (again), times

like that I wished I had more padding, instead of a boney bum!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, glad the football will be back on.

Pam x

Pat, your excersie ‘rocks’ I like it. I don’t think I had explained my problem marching!!! It was even more funny thinking of hopping, neither foot high enough of the ground, we seem to agree I’ll do what I can when I canIt’s been a while since I felt but I do - could it be the company I am keeping? Take care folks M

Hon you are SO !!!

Pat x

I’m very interested in these balance exercises M and Pat as my balance problems have recently got worse and that is why I had my fall outside the other day. I am going to try to get a referral to a neurophysio to see if they can help. You both sound as if you are doing a great job of doing the exercises required. I hope they do help! Teresa xx

Teresa I’m not doing such a great job. I forget to do the exercises for weeks on end! I started them again yesterday as M’s post reminded me!

I had physio from a referal from OT who approved my shower and some other aids. I think you can get referal directly through GP. Physio came to me for 6 sessions… but I recently heard that they have stopped home visits because of the CUTS!!!

But definitely see GP and get a referal.

Sorry your balance has got so bad. Scary and depressing for you hon. Sending you big (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))

Pat x

Thanks Pat. Karen has extracted a promise from me thatbi will 'phone the MS nurse on Monday, so I will get on with it and see if she can steer me in the right direction! Keep those exercises going girls! Teresa xx

We should all tilt/sway/stagger togetherit is scary as hell, we have to be so brave just to step out! We band of ‘golden girls’ OR ‘golden folks’ don’t want to be sexistTake care M

We would be a sight to behold all together in a group, don’t you think. People would assume we’d been out for a night on the tiles M! I s’pose it ought to be ‘golden folks’, you’re right. Teresa xx

Hi M and Pam

l just had a go holding on to the stair hand rail very funny movements l think l will get the Wii out l can do that and hold a chair back. May be we can start a new dance all together now take care be carefull love Jan xx

Sing to the tune of ‘Crocodile Rock’…#Do the PPMS Rock#…

Nearly went to a party last night in a local restaurant.

It was close enough to go on mob-scooter.

Someone’s 60th.

Got together what I would wear.

Had a shower.

Thought about a restaurant full of drunk people talking at top of their voices.

Thought about loud live band which would start at 9pm.

Thought about wobbling around huge crowded place with walking stick.

Thought about standing in queue for loo hoping I would make it.

Thought about trying to find somewhere to sit.

Thought about coming home on scooter on dark cold wet night.

Made a cup of tea, sat on recliner in dressing gown and watched telly.

Thought about how lucky I was to be at home!

Pat x

BTW… it doesn’t fit to music of Crocodile Rock so don’t even try…

Pat x

I think I would make the same choice Pat! Teresa xx

I’m with you Pat, much easier just to sit it out, crowds are difficult to wobble around! At least you put a lot of thought into it

Take care, folks thinking of youM

Morning M (actually it’s nearly afternoon), Hope you’re feeling your ‘norm’ and that the gorilla is resting and dormant atm. I have caught a dreadful cold from my sons, so am feeling really c**p atm. Hope it goes soon! Take care, Teresa xx

Thanks Golden Girls!

Don’t think I can keep blaming this new level of fatigue on the Southend Escapade which was 5 weeks ago today! OR on Vit D3.

Seems my MS is being very ‘active’ right now. Legs are feeling very strange… well they always feel strange but now they’re feeling strange in a different way…

Hey ho… hope you all doing well and having nice evening.

Pat x

Good morning folks

Yes, it’s 08:50 and I’m sitting here thinking of my poor chums, lots of tlc Teresa ref your cold AND Pat with the strange feeling with your legs May our gorilla’s chill for a wee whiletake care M

Thanks very much M, I can tell this cold is gonna hang around! Hope your gorilla is nice and calm and quiet! Hey Pat, Sorry that your Legs and fatigue is so troublesome atm. My balance is awful, so I think my MS is ‘active’ too. Spoke to the MS nurse for the first time yesterday and she is referring me to the neurophysio. Hope things settle down. Teresa xx

The advice from my neuro physio was to either sit on a sit fit wobble cushion or a yoga ball to watch tv etc

to strengthen my core to improve balance.

Good luck Peter