New exercise theapy

Hi all.

just thought I’d report back on my new exercise therapy sessions, which I’m having weekly, one to one. I think they are really helping me be more body aware and to pick up my feet. Three exercises to pass on: fill a water bottle and put it on your knee, sitting down, then raise your leg 5x. Then remove the bottle and repeat. Do it with both legs. Next one: stand on two plastic bags and try to slide your feet out then in, moving the bag. 5x each leg. Last one : sit in a chair and roll a full water bottle under your foot concentrating on pointing your toes up when you roll it back towards you. It helps if someone puts the bottle in the right place first!

Hello, Lynda.

Exercise is a brilliant way of keeping on top of things. You can get a real sense of what you are capable of. It’s all about how you feel afterwards and what you believe you can do. It’s great for confidence with taking things on. I always feel good after doing something. Today, I attended art class on the scooter, arrived back home and liaised with my sister-in-law as to where to hide my wife’s Christmas presents. It involved going straight from the scooter to the cupboard in the bedroom. That was my exercise for the day. I felt brilliant.

Best wishes, Steve. x


Hi Everyone, I have just joined the Forum, having read lots of your posts. I was diagnosed with PPMS on 2nd January 2018, but was having trouble walking long distances for about 6 years prior to this. I also suffer from Spinal Stenosis which I always thought caused the problems. A recent MRI of the brain and spine confirmed MS. I am 60 years old and currently still driving a HGV artic for a living, although I have recently experienced right foot drop and numbness. My licence is in to DVLA for consideration at present. Having always been a fit and active member of society, I am very frightened for the future. I still have a mortgage to pay for the next 5 years. Can anyone out there please give me some encouragement as to what to expect having had the disease for 7 years with just the leg problem. thanks to all. Boson

Hi Boson, If you have been told that you have had MS for the last seven years then it doesn’t appear that there is very much progression at all. I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2010 at the age of 55 and my symptoms are fairly constant. There haven’t been any surprises. I have had a very slow decline in my walking but I can enjoy life as much as I ever could. I plan for the long term because I know I’m going to be around. There is no crystal ball and you could have a heart attack next month, so don’t worry and think positive. Regards, Anthony